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About Us

The show

The podcast is all about the Nissan brand you love from the eyes and ears of both Danny, Dave and Holden. The guys have a deep background with Nissan brand and bring a east coast west coast look each show. 

Nissan is a global brand is the podcast. We track and follow the people impacting the band and interview some of the best in the biz.


Dave's back ground with the brand is all over the map. From his first ride in a brand new 1985 Sentra, Spending time at the Smyrna, Tennessee plant assembling trucks,  founding one of the largest Nissan Xterra forums in the world ( to creating the National Xterra Meet in 2011 that has turned into the east coasts largest all Nissan offroad event


The Big deal Grooters has made his mark on the Nissan world in many ways. He is an avid overland - offroad adventurer. In 2011 he created a leading aftermarket parts company for the Nissan truck brand. In 2015 Danny started sponsoring and co-driving with Team Xterra Racing. 

Currently Danny is building his Xterra for the class 7100 2018 / 2019 racing season. 


If you need a travel buddy then there is no better than Holden. A world traveler and lover of cars and trucks, Holden brings a different look to the show.