Will Extended Cab Doors Fit a Regular Cab: Let’s Find Out the Answer

Will Extended Cab Doors Fit a Regular Cab

Truck owners often look for ways to customize or upgrade their vehicles. One common question is whether long cab doors can be installed on a regular pickup vehicle. Extended cab trucks have rear doors to provide access to the extra cabin space behind the front seats. This leads many regular cab owners to wonder. If they can install extended cab doors on their trucks to get the same updated look and access.

In this article, we’ll explore whether long cab doors are compatible with the regular cab trucks. We’ll look at the door dimensions, mounting points, wiring harnesses. And other considerations to determine if this type of upgrade is possible.

With some modifications, it may be possible to install the extended cab doors on a regular cab for a unique custom look. However, there are a few hurdles to overcome. Weighing the pros and cons will help the truck owners to decide if swapping to extended cab doors is worth the effort. 

So, let’s dig in and find out the answer!

Answer for the Question

  • While upgrading a regular cab truck with extended cab doors may seem like a good idea. The process is fairly complex and requires extensive modifications. 
  • The doors themselves are different sizes, with extended cab doors being several inches longer. And taller in order to open up the expanded rear entryway. 
  • The door frames are also in a different position on an extended cab. So the mounting holes and hinges will not line up properly on a regular cab. 
  • Significant metal fabrication work would need to have a check to enlarge the rear openings and modify the wheel wells to accommodate the long doors.
  • Additionally, the wiring harnesses, power lock mechanisms, interior trim panels, and rear seats are all designed specifically for each cab type from the factory. 
  • Custom wiring and interior modifications would be ideal to make long doors functional in a regular cab. 
  • Structural reinforcements may also be necessary to maintain the truck’s safety and integrity with enlarged rear door openings.
  • While not impossible, fitting long cab doors to a regular cab is highly labour-intensive. 
  • All of the required modifications may also mean it will be very expensive as well. 
  • Depending on the truck’s age and condition, upgrading to a long cab model is more cost-effective than modifying a regular cab if extra space is in need. 
  • Remember that the complexity, safety risks, and warranty impacts make this customization very challenging for the average truck owners. 
  • Consulting an experienced mechanic or body shop is highly recommended before undertaking this type of project. 
  • With sufficient expertise and effort, extended doors could potentially be adapted to a regular cab, but the benefits may not outweigh the substantial downsides for most pickup owners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Will Extended Cab Doors Fit a Regular Cab

Q: How much would it cost to install the extended doors on my regular cab truck?

A: The extensive structural and interior modifications mean the cost could easily be several thousand dollars in labour and custom fabrication expenses.

Q: Is there an easier way to get an extended cab look without modifying my regular cab?

A: Adding an extended cab upgrade kit or camper shell with rear access doors provides an extended look without heavy custom work.

Q: Will installing extended doors may void the manufacturer’s warranty on my truck?

A: Most likely, as it is a major structural modification. Always check with your dealer before making any custom changes to your vehicle.

Q: Is it safer to convert my truck to an extended cab, or would buying a brand-new one from the factory be cost-effective?

A: Buying an extended cab from the factory is safer and avoids the risks associated with heavy modifications.

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