BSW Malfunction Nissan Altima: How To Fix The Blind Spot Monitor Issues

Is this a question you have right now? Driving a Nissan Altima but worried about not seeing vehicles in your blind spots? I get it. You may be experiencing a malfunction with your Blind Spot Warning (BSW) system. This safety feature uses sensors to detect cars in hard-to-see areas and alerts you with a warning light.

However, the system can stop working over time. When your Altima’s blind spot monitor acts up, it’s frustrating and potentially dangerous. This article will provide an overview of BSW problems in the Nissan Altima. 

We’ll cover common symptoms of a malfunctioning blind spot monitor. Like indicator lights flashing for no reason or not coming on. You’ll learn what causes these pesky issues, from sensor failures to software glitches.

We’ll also provide straightforward steps to diagnose your Altima’s BSW problems. With the proper knowledge, you can troubleshoot Altima blind spot monitor issues and restore this vital safety feature.

Reasons For The Blind Spot Monitor To Malfunction In Nissan Altima

Faulty sensors

  • The blind spot monitor relies on sensors mounted on the rear bumper. And side mirrors to detect vehicles in the blind zone. 
  • Damaged, dirt, or failed sensors can cause the system to malfunction and not to notice any cars properly. 
  • This is because sensors may get knocked out of position in minor collisions or degrade over time, leading to intermittent or permanent faults.

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Software glitches

  • The blind spot monitor controls by onboard computer software. 
  • Bugs in the software coding can lead to errors like false alarms, failure to warn of vehicles and other abnormal behaviour. 

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Electrical wiring issues

  • Wiring that has corroded, shorted, or become loose can cause power and signal problems between the blind spot monitor control module, sensors, and dashboard warning lights. 

Accumulation of dirt/debris

  • Road grime, snow, ice, and other accumulations on the sensors can interfere with their radar signals and cause blind spot monitor to malfunction.

Car modifications

  • Installation of aftermarket parts like oversized mirrors, bumper covers, and tow hitches can block the blind spot sensor units and lead to issues in detecting vehicles.

Advanced age

  • Like any electronic auto component, the blind spot monitor deteriorates over time, leading to worn-out sensors and electrical parts after years of use.

Harsh weather damage

  • Exposure to extreme cold, heat, rain, and snow over many years can damage the blind spot monitor components and wiring. 
  • This leads to declining performance and eventual failure.

Troubleshooting Steps For The Malfunctioning Blind Spot Monitor In The Nissan Altima

  • Inspect the radar sensors mounted on the rear bumper/corners and the side mirrors.
  • Use an OBD-II scanner tool to scan the vehicle computer for any stored diagnostic trouble codes related to the blind spot monitor system. 
  • Have an assistant driver to drive a car along your stationary Altima’s left and right sides to see if the blind spot monitor sensors detect the vehicle and illuminate the warning lights.
  • Check for problems with blind spot monitor fuse, wiring harnesses, electrical connectors, and ground points that may cause power supply issues by using a multimeter.
  • The Nissan dealer may need to update the blind spot monitor system software if a software glitch is onboard during diagnosis.

FAQs About BSW Malfunction Nissan Altima

Q: What are the common symptoms of a faulty blind spot monitor system?

A: You may notice the blind spot monitor warning lights flashing randomly, staying on all the time, or not coming on when vehicles are in your blind zone. The system may also keep beeping falsely or remain silent when you activate your turn signals during lane changes.

Q: How important is it to get my malfunctioning blind spot monitor fixed?

A: It’s ideal for fixing as these safety systems help avoid collisions promptly. Because driving with a malfunctioning blind spot monitor increases the risk of accidents when changing lanes.

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