How To Turn Off Traction Control Nissan Maxima: Simple Guide

Has your Nissan Maxima’s traction control system ever felt intrusive by cutting power when accelerating on loose surfaces? While traction control improves safety in slippery conditions, you may want to temporarily disable it in certain situations like driving through snow or mud.

Fortunately, turning off traction or stability control in a Maxima is a straightforward process. In this simple, easy-to-follow guide, we’ll outline the steps for disabling traction control in modern Nissan Maximas, either temporarily or permanently for selected driving modes.

We’ll cover the benefits of traction control, why you’d want to turn it off, and importantly, how to re-enable it when desired.

Steps To Follow To Disable The Traction Control Temporarily In Nissan Maxima

  • The simplest way to disable traction control in most Maximas is through a button right on the dashboard. 
  • Locate the circular button with the image of a skidding car labeled “VDC OFF”. 
  • Press and hold this button for 3-5 seconds to turn the traction control system off. 
  • A light should illuminate in the gauge cluster to confirm it is deactivated.
  • For newer 2015+ Maxima models, there is no dedicated VDC button. 
  • Instead, you need to access the Settings menu on the vehicle information display using the steering wheel controls. 
  • Scroll to the Drive Mode Settings, select Vehicle Dynamic Control, and switch the settings to OFF. This will disable traction/stability features.
  • Once deactivated, you can feel the difference in unrestricted wheel spin when accelerating. 
  • But keep in mind that traction control exists for safety, so limit high-power maneuvers. 
  • Also, traction control will automatically re-enable the next ignition cycle. 

What is the Traction Control

Permanent Methods To Disable The Traction Control In Nissan Maxima

  • While the VDC button allows temporary disable, there are ways to fully turn off traction control in the Maxima indefinitely for those who desire unrestricted wheel spin.
  • One method is using an engine tune. 
  • A professional tuner can reprogram the Engine Control Module to disengage traction control at the software level. 
  • This keeps all power in active mode without electronic intervention.
  • Alternatively, you can have the Nissan dealership service department disable traction control for you. 
  • They can reconfigure the factory settings through a diagnostic scanner to keep stability assist permanently off.

Note: that fully disabling traction control may impact handling at the limit in slippery conditions. It also remains off through ignition cycles, unlike the VDC button’s temporary effect. 

Before turning off traction control permanently, understand the risks involved. Ensure your tires have ample tread, take care of accelerating in turns, and do not rely on the system to rescue you from hydroplaning or slides. Drive cautiously without the electronic safety net active.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Turn Off Traction Control Nissan Maxima

Q: Is it bad to turn off the traction control in my Maxima?

A: It’s fine for short periods to free up wheel spin. But traction control improves safety, so limit how long it’s off.

Q: Will turning it off impact my Maxima’s performance?

A: Disabling it allows more engine torque to the wheels for increased acceleration. But handling limits are lower on slippery roads.

Q: Why would I want to permanently disable traction control?

A: Those desiring unrestricted wheel spin like drifting enthusiasts may permanently disable it, but safety is compromised.

Q: Is there a way to fully defeat traction control without tunes or hacking?

A: No, there is no published way to permanently keep it off through normal controls. Temporary disabling via the button is the only official method.

Q: Will my warranty be affected if I permanently disable traction control?

A: Yes, tampering with electronic safety systems may void aspects of the powertrain warranty according to Nissan’s terms.

Q: What should I do if the VDC light stays on constantly?

A: A illuminated light indicates a malfunction needing repair. Have the traction control system inspected and fixed promptly.

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