Nissan Active Grille Shutter Problems: Easy Guide to Overcome the Issues

Nissan vehicles are equipped with an active grille shutter system to optimize the fuel efficiency. 

However, technical issues sometimes arise with the active grille components that requires troubleshooting and repair.

Nissan Active Grille Faults

The active grille shutter issues typically fall into three general categories:

  • Actuator Motor Failure: Usually the electric motors fail by leaving the shutters stuck either closed or open. Symptoms are poor MPG and high operating temperatures.
  • Position Sensor Defect: If the sensor that monitors the shutter status indicates as fail, the computer may disable the shutter operation due to lack of position feedback.
  • Electrical Shorts/ECU Defects: Harness issues or ECU failure can erroneously trigger the default shutter closed/open positions by affecting the temperature regulation and fuel economy.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Follow these steps to properly diagnose your Nissan’s active grille shutter issues:

Check the Diagnostic Trouble Codes

  • Scan for any DTCs that are pointing to actuators, sensors, or electrical failures that are related to the shutter system. 
  • Codes usually indicates which components are faulty.

Operate the Shutters Manually

  • Toggle the ignition on while the engine is off and listen for shutter motor operation as they cycle “open and close”. 
  • Feel for freedom of movement without binding.

Inspect the Electrical System

  • Check the connector pins and wiring for corrosion, damage, or looseness which could cause position sensor or motor failures.

Test the Components Individually

  • If the position sensor is faulty and the motors are under the working condition or vice versa, it’s better to have a minor testing. Properly test the motors, sensors and the ECU individually before replacing.

Scan the Electronic Control Module for Faulty Codes

Diagnosing issues with the active grille shutter starts by plugging a scan tool into the vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostic port, which is most of the time located under the steering column. 

This allows you to communicate with the engine control module that monitors the shutter system.

There may be various kinds of trouble codes that are stored by pointing to specific shutter failures:

  • P1500 – P1599 codes: Indicates general electric issues and wiring faults in the shutter control circuits
  • P1A00 – P1A99 range: Specific to the electric shutter actuator motor circuit

Make note of any codes that are present for the shutter control as they precisely indicate whether the fault is with the motors, position sensors, or with the electrical system.

Inspect the Operation

  • It’s critical to visually inspect the shutter operation in addition to scanning for codes. 
  • Put the ignition into the ON position without starting the Nissan’s engine.

At this point, you should hear the active grille motors cycle as the shutters moves into various positions:

  • Listen for smooth runner motor operation
  • No excessive noise or binding sounds should hear out
  • Each of the multiple shutters should open and close simultaneously
  • Also watch the headlamp brightness at this time – lamps will dim slightly during motor actuation. Any severe dimming points to a shorted motor that is possibly dragging the excessive current.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Active Grille Shutter Problems

Q: Is it okay to drive my Nissan with inoperative active grille shutters?

A: It’s generally safe to drive temporarily with stuck open or closed shutters. However, issues like reduced engine cooling, lower fuel economy, and CEL lights should be addressed promptly. Severely stuck shutters can occasionally damage the cooling fans and fan clutches when forced.

Q: What could be an average repair cost for faulty Nissan active grille shutters?

A: Repair costs widely vary by the specific failed component. Minor repairs average from $200-$400 for parts like position sensors or controller modules. More extensive shutter actuator motor or mechanism repairs often adds up to $600-$1000.

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