Nissan Murano Sun Visor Won’t Stay Up: Possible Causes Along With Solutions

Nissan Murano Sun Visor Won't Stay Up

The Nissan Murano is a popular midsize crossover SUV known for its comfortable ride and ample cargo space. 

However, a common complaint from Murano owners is that the sun visors tend to not stay up and flop down by blocking the driver’s view. 

This can be an annoying and potentially dangerous issue.

Causes of the Problem

There are a few potential causes for the Murano’s sun visor issue:

Broken Visor Hinge

  • Over time, the hinge mechanism that allows the visor to pivot and stay in place can wear out and break. 
  • This is the most likely culprit if your Murano’s visor flops down when you try to swing it out towards the side window.

Loose Visor Clip

  • The Murano uses a small plastic clip to keep tension on the visor and hold it in place. 
  • If this clip becomes loose or detached from the headliner, it can cause the visor to fall down.

Weakened Visor Bracket

  • Behind the headliner, there is a metal bracket that anchors the sun visor. 
  • If this bracket cracks or bends, it will allow the visor to droop downwards.

Solutions and Repairs

Fortunately, there are a few straightforward solutions to fix a loose Murano sun visor:

Replacing the Visor

  • Complete visor assemblies are affordable, often under $50 per side. 
  • While straightforward, frequent replacements suggest an underlying issue.

Check and Reattach the Visor Clip

  • Sometimes, merely reseating the small plastic clip is enough to tighten a sagging visor. 
  • But broken clips will need replacements.

Reinforce the Mounting Bracket

  • You’ll likely need to remove the headliner to access the sun visor bracket. 
  • A metal repair plate can reinforce a cracked factory bracket.

Adjusting the Visor Tension

  • If there are no components under the damaged side, heightened tension on the pivot rod can tighten a loose visor. 
  • Make sure to carefully bend the rod to add friction.

With a little troubleshooting and minor repairs, a floppy Nissan Murano sun visor can be restored to proper functioning. 

Addressing the problem more quickly may improves the comfort and safety.

Preventing Future Issues

Be Gentle with the Visors

  • Avoid aggressively flipping the visors up and down. 
  • Open them gently so as not to stress the hinges. 
  • This is because, overzealous opening and closing can wear out components over time.

Check the Visor Operations Regularly

  • During routine cleanings or vehicle checks, swing the visors back and forth to ensure a smooth, stable operation. 
  • Catching early signs of looseness can prevent more significant failures.

Consider Visor Upgrade Kits

  • The aftermarket offers metal-reinforced sun visor kits that are designed to replace the factory plastic parts which are prone to crack. 
  • Upgraded brackets and hinges last considerably longer.

Add the Support Brackets

  • Affixing secondary support brackets on either side of the anchor point may spreads the force exertion for less stress on aging factory parts. 
  • This prevents fatigue failures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Murano Sun Visor Won’t Stay Up

Q: Are there any quick fixes if my visor suddenly falls down?

A: If a visor unexpectedly flops down while driving, temporarily wedge something like a pen cap between the visor arm and roof lining to hold it tucked up and out of the way until you can properly repair it.

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