Nissan Rogue Trunk Not Locking: Unlocking The Mystery With Simple Steps

Nissan Rogue Trunk Not Locking:

It’s a frustrating situation – you try to lock your Nissan Rogue using the key fob or door switch, only to find the trunk remains unlocked. An unlocked trunk is both a security risk and an annoyance, so quickly fixing this issue is essential. The good news is that a Rogue trunk that won’t lock can often be on the troubleshooting side with some simple diagnosing and DIY repairs. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the common causes of a Nissan Rogue trunk that is not locking, and we will also provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you diagnose and resolve the problem. With a few basic tools and mechanical skills, you can unlock the mystery of the unsecured trunk and restore full function to your Rogue’s locking system. 

Therefore, read on to learn how to pinpoint the issue, repair malfunctioning parts, and get your trunk latching and locking correctly once again.

Potential Causes For A Nissan Rogue Trunk That Is Not Locking Properly

Faulty trunk latch actuator

  • This electric actuator is responsible for moving the latch to the locked and unlocked positions. 
  • Over time, the actuator can fail and get stuck by preventing the latch from locking the trunk.

Broken or damaged trunk latch cable

  • The latch is with an opening mechanism via a cable. 
  • If this cable snaps or becomes disconnected, the latch won’t receive the signal to lock the trunk. 

Issues with trunk latch striker

  • The latch grabs onto a striker plate to secure the trunk. If the striker is loose, misaligned, or damaged, the latch can’t engage properly. 

Malfunctioning trunk lock cylinder

  • The lock cylinder is the part you insert the key into. If the internal components are worn or damaged, turning the key may not trigger the latch. 

Faulty trunk key fob/switch

  • If the key fob or door switch isn’t transmitting the lock signal, the trunk wouldn’t possibly lock. 

Bad trunk control module

  • The control module tells the latch to lock and unlock the trunk based on signals from the fob or door switch. 
  • The control module won’t send the proper signals if it isn’t working properly. 

Trunk wiring harness issues

  • Broken or shorted wires in the trunk’s electrical harness can prevent lock signals from reaching components. 

Alignment or adjustment problems

  • If the trunk’s components are misaligned, the latch may not be making the perfect contact to secure the trunk. 

Solutions To Overcome These Issues

  • Remove the interior trunk trim to access the actuator. Disconnect the electrical connector and mounting bolts to remove the old actuator. Then, install a new actuator with a matching part number if it’s malfunctioning.
  • Access the cable where it connects to the latch assembly. If the cable is snapped or frayed, remove and install a new latch cable that matches to your Rogue model year.
  • Open the trunk and inspect the striker plate’s condition and alignment. Adjust any bents or misalignments in the striker as needed. 
  • Remove the existing cylinder by turning the key and removing the retaining screws. Install a new lock cylinder that matches to your key codes if the cylinder isn’t working. 
  • Try a new fob battery first. If the issue persists, obtain a new fob or door switch from a Nissan dealer. Program the new key by following instructions in the owner’s manual. 

FAQs About (Nissan Rogue Trunk Not Locking)

Q: Is this a complex problem to fix on my own?

A: Many causes, like latch adjustments, cable repairs, and lock cylinder replacements, can be DIY fixes. However, electrical issues like bad actuators or control modules may require a professional for repair. This is because proper diagnostic testing is critical.

Q: What could happen if I keep driving with an unlocked trunk?

A: An unlocked trunk is a security risk, which allows access to the cargo area. It could also allow exhaust fumes into the cabin. 

Q: Does the trunk not locking indicate other electrical problems?

A: It’s possible a trunk locking issue could be tied to wider electrical problems. But typically, it stems from components specific to the trunk’s latching mechanism.

Q: What are the risks of forcing or rigging the trunk to close it?

A: Forcing the trunk latch or rigging alternative closing methods is not recommended, as this can damage components and create safety risks.

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