Nissan Idle Relearn Not Working: How To Troubleshoot And Complete The Relearn Process

Nissan Idle Relearn Not Working

It’s frustrating when you complete a repair that requires an idle relearn on your Nissan only to have the engine idle jump around, stall out, or even fail the relearn procedure altogether.

In this article, we’ll dive into why the Nissan idle relearn process may not complete correctly or set a steady idle. Armed with the knowledge to diagnose idle relearn problems on your Nissan, you can fix any underlying issues and ensure the procedure completes fully.

We’ll provide tips to check for error code clues, inspect throttle body cleanliness, and verify sensor operation so your Nissan computer can properly retrain idle control. So let’s get your Nissan out of high-idle mode by reading on.

Reasons Why A Nissan Idle Relearn Procedure May Not Complete Correctly Or Set A Steady Idle

Low battery charge

  • The battery must have a sufficient charge, around 12.5 volts, to allow the idle relearn process to begin and complete. A weak battery will fail the procedure.

Dirty throttle body

  • Any soot, grease, or varnish buildup left on the throttle plates after cleaning prevents them from full seating and creates inconsistent idle.

Vacuum leaks

  • Small leaks in vacuum hoses, intake tubing, or unplugged sensors will introduce unmetered air that causes unstable idle that fails to relearn.

Faulty throttle position sensor

  • If the primary TPS sensor malfunctions or sends wrong voltage values, it provides incorrect data to set the target idle during relearning. 

Stale fuel or clogged injectors

  • Fuel injectors are crucial components that use electronically controlled high-pressure fuel delivery to atomize gasoline and provide metered, optimized air/fuel mixtures for clean and efficient engine combustion.
  • If there is old fuel in the process or dirty injectors, it can cause a rough idle.

Low engine coolant temperature

  • Suppose the engine is not heating up when attempting to relearn. Coolant temp input data will be inaccurate in that case, and relearning may be prohibited or fail.

How to Check the Coolant on Your Nissan

Potential Solutions To Try When A Nissan Idle Relearn Procedure Is Not Working Properly

  • Use a battery charger to ensure the battery is charged to 12.5+ volts before attempting idle relearn again. 
  • Remove all residue, carbon, and debris from throttle plates and bore the plates to be free of dust. 
  • Inspect hoses, tubing, gaskets, and sensor plugs for small leaks which makes a connection with unmetered air.
  • Verify voltage values from the primary TPS sensor. Replace if readings are erratic or values do not match service specifications during relearn procedure.
  • Ensure the engine coolant temperature reaches minimum levels for relearn process to complete, around 170 degrees F typically.
  • Re-torque leaky manifold bolts or replace faulty gaskets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Idle Relearn Not Working

Q: Do I need any special tools to perform an idle relearn?

A: The simple answer is no. Just an OBD2 scanner to initiate the relearn procedure and a fully charged battery according to factory service guidelines.

Q: How can I tell if the relearn process was completed successfully?

A: The engine RPM should maintain a steady, consistent idle around 650-750 RPM when warm without surging or stalling once the relearn is done.

Q: Will a bad MAF or O2 sensor cause a failed idle relearn?

A: Yes, faulty MAF and O2 sensors can affect the input data and cause a failed or faulty idle relearn procedure.

Q: How long does a proper idle relearn procedure take to complete?

A: Most perform within 10-20 minutes. Extended cranking or stalling likely means underlying problems are impeding the relearn, which typically takes more time.

Q: Is it safe to drive if the idle relearn fails?

A: It is not recommended due to the likelihood of stalling. The vehicle should be properly diagnosed and repaired before taking it for a ride.

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