Nissan Brake Switch Problem: Troubleshooting Steps Along With Causes

Nissan Brake Switch Problem

It can be frightening when you hit the brakes in your Nissan. And the brake lights does not illuminate to warn the other drivers behind you. A faulty brake light switch is likely the culprit when it comes to this. And diagnosing it is crucial for safety. 

In this article, we’ll explore the common causes of Nissan brake light switch issues, and we’ll also provide troubleshooting tips to diagnose and resolve this problem.

Driving with malfunctioning brake lights is an obvious safety hazard, so diagnosis and repairs should have a closer inspection as soon as possible. We’ll ensure you understand the likely causes and remedies for a Nissan brake light switch that is not working. With a systematic approach, you can confidently track down the problem and make the appropriate repairs. 

Potential Causes For Nissan Brake Light Switch Issues

Worn-out switch contacts

  • The contacts inside the switch can wear down over time with continual pressing of the brake pedal by, eventually leading to switch failure and malfunctioning brake lights.

Dirty or corroded contacts

  • A buildup of dirt, oxidation, or corrosion on the switch contacts can interrupt the electrical connection that needs to activate the brake lights when the pedal is down.

Mechanical failure

  • The plastic plunger piece that interfaces with the brake pedal arm and pushes on the switch contacts can crack or break with age and use. This may typically leads to a switch malfunction.

Wrong replacement switch

  • Suppose an incorrect replacement of the brake light switch is onboard. 
  • In that case, it may not interface properly with the brake pedal arm when the pedal is perfectly down.

Bent brake pedal arm

  • If the brake pedal arm is out of shape from an impact or pressure, it may not contact the plunger on the switch correctly to activate it.

Damaged or worn brake pedal bushing

  • The bushing that attaches the brake pedal arm to the brake pedal assembly can wear out or deteriorate by leading to a sloppy pedal movement that fails to activate the switch.

Electrical shorts

  • A short in the switch wiring or connector could prevent proper switch operation when the pedal is down. 
  • This could result from damage, loose connections, or pinched and frayed wires.

Blown fuse

  • The fuse that supplies power to the brake light switch and brake lights could be out of function or out of shape, which results in malfunctioning operations.

Solutions For Fixing The Nissan Brake Light Switch Problems

  • If the switch contacts are worn out or corroded, replace the brake light switch with a new factory original replacement part to restore a proper operation.
  • Switch contacts can have a clean with electrical contact cleaner spray to remove dirt, corrosion, and oxidation. 
  • A light lubricant can be applied to brake pedal pivot points, bushings, and switch plunger to prevent binding and also, on the other hand, to ensure a smooth motion.
  • Confirm you have the correct switch part number and type for the specific Nissan model.
  • Check the fuse box and verify that the fuse for the brake lights is perfectly under the working condition. Replace with a new fuse of the correct amperage, if you encounter any faults.
  • Use a multimeter to check for shorts or malfunctions in brake light switch wiring and harness connectors. Repair or replace damaged wires as necessary.
  • Scan ECU for any stored diagnostic trouble codes that are related to the brake switch circuit. Analyze and address any present codes to overcome this issue.

FAQs About The Nissan Brake Switch Problem

Q: Can a brake light switch causes any issues with the cruise control?

A: Yes, the brake switch often shares and feeds the same circuit that operates the cruise control. A bad switch can lead to cruise control problems with some easy steps.

Q: Is it safe to drive with a faulty brake light switch?

A: No, driving is hazardous if the brake lights are not properly illuminating when you press the pedal.

Q: Where is the brake light switch located?

A: It is typically mounted on or near the brake pedal arm under the dashboard. Consult a repair manual for the exact location.

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