Nissan Car Alarm Keeps Going Off: Are You Having Trouble?

Nissan Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

If you own a Nissan and the alarm keeps going off at random times for no reason, you’re not alone. 

False alarms from overly sensitive vehicle security systems are a common frustration for many car owners. 

Troubleshooting Methods

Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to stop a Nissan alarm from false alarms. 

Here are some tips:

Check for Obvious Triggers

  • Start by inspecting your vehicle’s interior and exterior for anything that could be setting off the alarm. 
  • Make sure all the doors, hoods and trunks are tightly closed. 
  • Check for any loose wiring that could be intermittently making contact. 
  • Look for signs of damage or critters that may have gotten into places they shouldn’t. 
  • Doing a thorough inspection can help you to rule out any apparent triggers.

Examine the Shock Sensor Sensitivity

  • Many factory-installed security systems have an adjustable shock sensor that detects vibration and impact on the vehicle. 
  • If it’s set to be too sensitive, even minor disturbances like wind or a passing truck could set off the alarm. 
  • Refer to your owner’s manual to locate the sensitivity adjustment. 
  • It is usually a dial or set of dip switches. 
  • Once you find it, reduce the sensitivity level to your needs. 
  • This may be all you need to do to stop the false alarms.

Update the Vehicle Alarm System

  • If your Nissan is several years old, you may be able to upgrade to a newer and smarter alarm system. 
  • More recent alarms have improved vibration analysis to better filter out false triggers. 
  • They also have enhanced radar and microwave detection with adjustable ranges. 
  • Have your dealership examine your make and model for any recommended security upgrades.

Add an Alarm Deactivation Switch

  • Installing an alarm deactivation switch, also called a valet switch, allows you to manually disable the alarm when needed. 
  • The switch is wired into the alarm system so you can turn it off before doing anything that you know could trigger it, like washing the car or changing the oil. Just remember to reactivate the alarm when you’re done.
  • As a last attempt, you may need to have the alarm serviced by a professional. 
  • A technician can examine the alarm for any malfunctioning parts and make repairs if required. 

With the proper troubleshooting, you should be able to stop your Nissan alarm from going haywire. Don’t put up with the headache of a constantly misfiring alarm – take control and quiet things down.

Troubleshoot with a Diagnostic Tool

  • If you’ve tried the above tips without success, it may be time to pull out a diagnostic scan tool
  • An advanced scanner that can read security system codes can help you to pinpoint if a faulty alarm sensor or malfunctioning component is the issue. 
  • Hook up the scanner and have it check for diagnostic trouble codes that may provide insight into which part of the alarm is overreacting. 
  • If a particular sensor or circuit keeps showing up, that’s likely the source of the false alarms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

Q: Can I disable my Nissan alarm system if I can’t get it to stop?

A: You can temporarily turn it off by following the procedure in your owner’s manual, usually involving turning the key to specific lock positions. But this will leave your vehicle unprotected, so it’s best to identify the cause of the false alarms for a permanent fix.

Q: How can I prevent my Nissan alarm from draining thae battery?

A: Frequent false alarms can run down the battery. Use a deactivation switch when needed or disconnect the battery when parked for extended periods. Also, fix any wiring issues that could cause current drains.

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