Nissan Rogue AWD Light Stays On: What To Do When The AWD Light Stays Illuminated?

Nissan Rogue AWD Light Stays On

It can be worrying when you notice the AWD warning light staying on in your Nissan Rogue. This all-wheel drive indicator illuminating typically signals a problem within the AWD system that requires prompt diagnosis and repair.

In this article, we’ll examine the common issues that cause the AWD light to remain illuminated in the Rogue. We’ll provide the key steps to accurately diagnosing the cause, whether it stems from a faulty AWD clutch, a bad wheel speed sensor, or an issue with the AWD control module.

Understanding why this warning light stays on and your options for restoring regular AWD operation will give you the confidence to proceed with repairs. We’ll outline temporary fixes to turn off the warning light and permanent solutions that fully resolve the underlying problem.

Common Issues That Can Cause The AWD Warning Light To Remain Illuminated In A Nissan Rogue

Faulty AWD Clutch

  • The clutch that engages the rear wheels can become stuck and not release properly, which leads to illuminating the light.

Wheel Speed Sensor Failure

  • Sensors matching front/rear wheel speeds can malfunction and activate the AWD light if speeds mismatch.

AWD Control Module Issues

  • Malfunctions in the AWD system’s electronic module can lead to incorrect fault lighting and errors.

Rear Differential Problems

  • Issues inside the rear diff, like worn gears or lack of proper lubrication, can trigger AWD faults and the warning light. 

Transfer Case Problems

  • Faults within the transfer case that distribute power to both axles can also illuminate the AWD light. 

Vehicle Speed Output Sensor

  • This transmission sensor monitors gear selection and vehicle speed. Faulty readings can activate the AWD warning light improperly.

Wiring Harness Damage

  • Frayed or disconnected wires in the wiring harness connecting AWD components can cause communication errors and constant fault lighting.

How to Check Wiring Harness with Multimeter

Here Are The Key Steps To Accurately Diagnosing The Cause Of The AWD Light Staying Illuminated On A Nissan Rogue

  • Connect an OBD2 scanner tool and pull any stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) related to the AWD system. 
  • Feel for symptoms of AWD malfunction like binding, vibrations, or noise from driveline components that match any set codes.
  • Inspect and test the operation of the wheel speed sensors, crankshaft position sensor, and transmission output speed sensor using a multimeter.
  • Use scanner data to watch for proper AWD clutch engagement and disengagement.
  • Check all AWD wiring harnesses and connectors for damage, corrosion, or loose pins that could cause disconnections and faults.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Rogue AWD Light Stays On

Q: Can I keep driving my Rogue with the AWD light still on?

A: Driving along with the warning light continuously illuminated is not recommended as it indicates an AWD fault needing diagnosis and repair.

Q: Will the AWD system still work if the warning light is on?

A: The AWD may function at reduced capacity. But the light indicates a malfunction, so proper repairs should be done to restore regular AWD operations.

Q: Does the AWD light ever turn off if faulty?

A: It may briefly turn off but will re-illuminate soon after. The underlying problem needs addressing to switch off the warning indicator permanently.

Q: Can a Nissan dealer turn off the AWD warning light?

A: They can deactivate it, which only temporarily masks the problem. The genuine fault needs professional diagnosis and repair.

Q: Is it safe to add lubricant to try and silence the AWD light?

A: No, lubricant addons will not truly fix an AWD fault and warning light. Proper repairs specific to the codes set are needed.

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