Nissan Rogue Blower Motor Intermittent: Troubleshooting Guide

Nissan Rogue Blower Motor Intermittent

If the blower motor in your Nissan Rogue is blowing intermittently or cutting in and out, it can be a troublesome issue to deal with. 

But the good news is that, there are a few key things to check that can resolve an intermittent blower motor issue.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Step 1

  • First, check your cabin air filter. 
  • A clogged or an out-of-shape filter can put extra strain on the blower motor by causing it to overload and cut power at sometimes. 
  • Slide out the filter and inspect it. 
  • If it’s heavily clogged with debris, replace it with a new filter.

Step 2

  • Next, inspect the blower motor resistor. 
  • The resistor modulates the voltage to the blower motor. 
  • It’s located under the passenger side dash, near the blower motor itself. 
  • If the resistor is out of shape, it can cause power fluctuations in the motor. 
  • Check for any burnt smell or discoloured resistors and replace it if necessary.

Step 3

  • Inspect the power and ground connections to the motor as well. 
  • Corrosion in a power or ground wire connector can cause resistance, which makes the motor to cut in and out at sometimes. 
  • Disconnect the connectors and clean any corrosion spots with an electrical contact cleaner spray. 
  • Right after that, plug the connections back in securely.

Step 4

  • The blower motor relay and fan control unit should also be inspected. 
  • The relay sends power to the motor. 
  • The fan control unit varies motor speed based on climate control settings. 
  • If either component is intermittently faulty, it can make the blower to turn off randomly. 

Step 5

  • If the electrical components are perfect, the blower motor itself might be worn out. 
  • Motors have brushes inside that make contact with armature windings. 
  • As they wear, contacts gets intermittent by causing cutouts. 
  • Inspect the brushes and replace the motor if it is significantly worn out.

Step 6

  • Finally, have the Nissan dealer to scan for any ECU codes that are related to the HVAC operation. 
  • Various sensors can impact the blower activation. 
  • Therefore, diagnostic trouble codes may helps to narrow down the faults.

Advanced Troubleshooting Guide

If you’ve methodically checked all the potential issues that have been mentioned previously and the blower motor is still intermittent, there are a few more advanced diagnostics that you can perform.

  • Carefully inspect the blower motor wires and connectors for any damage. Wires can crack or break inside the insulation where it’s not visible. This can cause temporary loss of continuity and make the motor cut out intermittently. 
  • Test the blower motor power and ground circuits for the proper voltage levels. Use a multimeter to check the power wire for 12V when Climate Control is turned on. The ground wire should show continuity to the vehicle chassis ground. Any deviations from specs could cause operational issues.
  • Monitor the ECU and wire harness for faulty signals. Use a diagnostic scan tool that allows live data viewing and monitor PID data to the blower control module while operating the system. Look for any sensor readings outside of their normal ranges, which could influence blower activation irregularly.
  • Determine if the engine RPM has any effect on blower operation. The fan control may be wired through a signal circuit tied to the engine RPM. As RPMs rise and fall, it could impact the blower motor voltage through that linkage. Add an external voltage regulator to stabilize the feed voltage to the motor.

FAQs About Nissan Rogue Blower Motor Intermittent

Q: How much does the repair typically cost?

A: Anywhere from $200-$800+, depending on whether it’s a simple fix like a new resistor or a more complex issue requiring a shop to diagnose and replace a major component.

Q: What if the dealer can’t find the cause?

A: In rare stubborn cases, the issue may be intermittent enough that it happens too infrequently to trace. This may require leaving your vehicle with the dealer until the issue recurs so they can attempt to capture it live.

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