Nissan Titan Window Motor Reset: Simple Procedure To Reset The Window Motor

Nissan Titan Window Motor Reset

Has your Nissan titan side window become stuck, unresponsive, or makes grinding noises when trying to raise or lower it? Before replacing the window motor outright, try this simple reset procedure that often gets the electric windows to run smoothly again. In this quick guide, we’ll outline the straightforward process to reset the automatic window motor in your titan when it begins acting up. All it involves is holding the window switch for 10 seconds in a particular sequence to clear any electronic faults and reset the motor. 

Outlining The Process For Resetting A Nissan Titan Window Motor

Turn the ignition to the ON position

  • Ensure the vehicle’s ignition switch is on the run mode. Therefore, the power will be onboard to the windows without the engine’s activation.

Raise the window fully

  • Use the driver-side window switch to raise the malfunctioning window to the fully closed position until it stops moving upwards.

Hold the switch up for 10 seconds

  • Hold the window’s switch upwards for 10 seconds until the window is fully closed.

Lower the window fully

  • Next, switch the window button downwards to lower it entirely until it reaches the bottom.

Hold down 10 seconds

  • Again, keep the window switch held down for 10 seconds. Once the window is fully open, it will finish the resetting sequence.

Perform safety reversal check

  • Finally, raise the window halfway and stop, then lower it to confirm smooth operation and proper auto-reverse when obstructed.

Repeat if needed

  • For other malfunctioning windows, perform the 10-seconds up, down, up, down reset sequence separately for each side to exhibit the issue.

Possible Reasons That Your Nissan’s Titan Window Motor May Get Stuck Or Stop Functioning Properly

Now that you know how to reset the titan window motor, let’s find out how this window motor could get stuck. Knowing so will be a great chance to avoid doing those actions.

Software glitches

  • Bugs in the window control module’s code can cause odd stalling, grinding noises, and unresponsive operation. Resetting often clears these types of faults.

Overloaded motor

  • Attempting to continually raise the window with objects obstructing, like ice buildup, places excessive strain on the motor by, eventually leading to internal damage.

Bent window track

  • Aggressive window operation or forcing the window to shut when obstructed can bend its vertical tracks inside the door. 

Broken drive cable

  • The cable from the motor which connects to the window glass can detach or snap if subjected to extreme force when obstructed or jammed.

FAQs About The Nissan Titan Window Motor Reset

Q: Does the reset procedure fix the motor, or does it temporarily get the window to move?

A: The reset can often clear basic software faults to restore normal functions, but it does not repair physical damages like failed motors or regulators.

Q: How long does the Nissan Titan window motor reset procedure usually take?

A: The entire process takes 30 seconds to 1 minute per window.

Q: During the reset, should I listen and feel for grinding or strain in the motor?

A: Yes, pay attention to grinding noises or juddering resistance through the up-and-down sequence.

Q: Can I reset all four window motors simultaneously, or must they be done separately?

A: For best results, perform the reset steps individually for each window motor that exhibits problems in sequence – don’t try to reset all simultaneously.

Q: How often can I attempt the window motor reset procedure before requiring professional service?

A: You can retry the reset steps 2-3 times safely if the problem persists. A wiring diagnosis or motor replacement may be ideal if it is not operational afterwards.

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