LED Headlights High and Low Beam Reversed: Seeing Things Backwards

LED Headlights High and Low Beam Reversed: Seeing Things Backwards

This backwards wiring presents a dangerous safety issue, and it’s illegal. The overly bright reversed low beams blind oncoming traffic, while the weakened high beams fail to properly light up the road ahead.

Therefore, read on to know about the reasons for this issue.

Points on Covering LED Headlights with Reversed High and Low Beams

  • The issue of reversed beams with LED headlights happens when the internal wiring of the bulb has the high and low beam functions switched.
  • This causes the opposite of normal beam behaviour – the “low” beams act as bright high beams, while the “high” beams become dim like regular low beams.
  • Reversed LED beams are not just an annoyance but a severe safety hazard.
  • The overly bright “low” beams blind and distract oncoming drivers BY increasing the risk of crashes.
  • The weakened “high” beams fail to properly illuminate the road ahead for the driver to have a clear path.
  • Driving with reversed high/low beams is illegal and can result in being pulled over by the cops as a law order in some countries.

The Main Causes of Reversed LED Beams

  • A mismatch between the replacement of the LED bulb design and the original headlight housing and optics.
  • Installing the wrong LED bulb model that has backwards internal wiring.
  • Poorly engineered LED driver circuitry that switches the polarity and beam functions.
  • Diagnosing reversed beams involves noting that low seems bright and high seems dim.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Headlights High and Low Beam Reversed

Q: Are cheaper LED bulbs are more prone to this?

A: Yes, lower-quality LED bulbs often lack the proper design and engineering to account for different headlight housing polarity needs by increasing the chances of reversed beams. Stick with major brands to overcome this issue.

Q: Is this something a mechanic needs to fix for me?

A: You can change the headlight bulbs by yourself in most cases. Just make sure to get the proper replacement LED bulbs or adapters. While a mechanic can help you to diagnose the issues if needed.

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