Nissan Frontier Spark Plug Change Without Removing Intake Manifold

Nissan Frontier Spark Plug Change Without Removing Intake Manifold

With specialized tools and experience working in confined engine areas, Nissan Frontier owners can save time and money by changing spark plugs themselves without removing the intake manifold. 

So read on to learn the ways to do this repair.

Special Tools Needed for the Process

You’ll need some specific tools to reach the plugs without removing the manifold:

  • Long socket wrench extensions, at least 10-12 inches
  • Swivel/universal joints for the extensions
  • Thin wall, deep reach 5/8″ spark plug socket

Here is a Step-By-Step Basic Overview of the Process

Step 1

  • Disconnect the battery ground cable.

Step 2

  • Remove any parts that are blocking the access to the plugs, like the engine covers.

Step 3

  • Use extensions with swivel joints to feed the spark plug sockets down the past manifold.

Step 4

  • Attach the ratchet and break loose each plug by removing one at a time.

Step 5

  • Use a magnetic grabber to extract the old plug and insert a new one.

Step 6

  • Carefully tighten the new plug to the manufacturer’s spec and reinstall.

Step 7

  1. Reconnect the battery when finished.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Frontier Spark Plug Change Without Removing Intake Manifold

Q: What Makes the Frontier Spark Plugs Hard to Reach?

A: On the 3.3L and 4.0L V6 engines in many Frontiers, Nissan designed the intake manifold to sit very low and tight up against the cylinder heads. This covers the spark plugs by leaving only about 2 inches of space to work in.

Q: Is it possible for a Non-Mechanic to do this repair?

A: While challenging, it’s possible for a moderately skilled DIYer to perform this process with patience and the right tools. Having small hands is also an asset. Proper preparation and caution when working deep in the engine area is essential.

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