Cruise Control Set Light Blinking: Let’s Find Out the Reason

Cruise Control Set Light Blinking

Cruise control is a handy feature that allows drivers to set a steady speed on the highway without needing to keep their foot on the gas pedal. However, you may have come across the cruise control indicator or “set” light randomly blinking when the cruise control is in active mode. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the common reasons why your cruise control set light may blink intermittently so you can identify and resolve the issue.

Normal operations

  • The set light should remain steadily illuminated when the cruise control is turned on and actively maintaining a set speed.

A flashing light indicates a problem

  • If the light starts blinking, it means that there are some issues affecting the cruise control system.

Check the cruise control fuse

  • A blown fuse can cause the set light to blink. Locate the cruise control fuse in the fuse box and test it for continuity. 

Electrical issues

  • Cruise control is an electronic system. Any problems with wiring, connections, sensors or cruise control modules can cause malfunction and light illumination. 
  • Have the electrical system inspected and repaired as needed to overcome this issue.

Loose connections

  • Vibration can loosen electrical connections for a cruise over time. Check for loose plugs and wires that are related to the cruise system and re-connect as needed.

Dirty cruise control sensors

  • Sensors like speed sensors or throttle position sensors provide input to the cruise. If the sensors are dirty, it can cause blinking light illumination. 

Engine issues

  • Problems like bad spark plugs, clogged fuel filters or faulty engine sensors can affect cruise performance since it relies on consistent engine power.

Brake switch malfunction

  • Cruise disengages when the brake pedal is pressed. A faulty brake light switch can cause the cruise to think that the brakes are on by blinking the light. 

Faulty steering wheel controls

  • If your cruise buttons on the steering wheel malfunctions, it can disrupt cruise signals and cause a blinking light.

Climate control settings

  • A high-speed fan settings can interfere with the cruise control’s electronics due to electromagnetic interference. 
  • Therefore, lower the fan speed when using the cruise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cruise Control Set Light Blinking

Q: Is it safe to use the cruise control if the set light is blinking?

A: No, it’s best to avoid using the cruise control until the blinking light issue is diagnosed and resolved. Because the blinking indicates a system malfunction that could cause the cruise to disengage unexpectedly.

Q: Is it safe to drive short distances with the blinking light?

A: It’s not recommended, but if absolutely necessary, drive cautiously without using the cruise at lower speeds when taking your vehicle to a repair shop.

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