Nissan Murano Loses Power While Driving: How To Diagnose And Fix Power Loss Issues

Nissan Murano Loses Power While Driving

One of the most annoying issues as a vehicle owner is noticing a sudden power loss and acceleration for no apparent reason while driving down the road. In most cases, short power loss points to an underlying mechanical or electrical issue that will only worsen if left unchecked.

In this article, we’ll examine the most common causes of gradual and sudden engine power loss in Murano models. We’ll provide tips for diagnosing oxygen sensor problems, fuel pump failures, ignition faults, and wiring issues that can affect acceleration. Identifying the leading cause of the power loss is critical to restoring average performance.

We’ll outline steps from scanning computer trouble codes to testing components like the MAF sensor. So don’t wait until your Murano leaves you with this issue. It’s best to diagnose the issue quickly to get to the root cause of power loss problems.

Common Reasons A Nissan Murano May Lose Power While Driving

Dirty air filter

  • The function of air filters is to filter the incoming air to the engine to remove dirt and particulates before combustion. 
  • If the filter is clogged, it will, restricts air intake by reducing power.

How to Check and Replace an Engine’s Air Filter

Faulty MAF sensor

  • Mass airflow sensor monitors the volume of inlet air to determine fuel needs. 
  • If it fails, the MAF sensor can transmit incorrect readings to the ECU, confusing overall engine management and leading to power loss.

Failing fuel pump

  • The function of the fuel pump is to transfer fuel from the tank and maintains the correct fuel pressure for injection. 
  • If the fuel pump is worn out, it cannot maintain consistent fuel pressure, which results in starvation under load by causing power to fall off.

Malfunctioning throttle body

  • This Controls airflow into the engine based on throttle position. 

Vacuum leaks

  • Vacuum hoses route manifold vacuum to various components. Any cracks, holes, or detached hoses can create vacuum leaks that confuse sensors by impacting the power supply.

Damaged O2 sensors

  • Oxygen sensors gauge the air/fuel ratio so the ECU can optimize combustion. Bad oxygen sensors provide inaccurate readings to the PCM by causing poor engine performance and lack of acceleration.

EGR valve issues

  • The function of EGR valves is to recirculate the measured exhaust gases back into the cylinders to lower combustion temps and emissions. 
  • Sticking or blocked EGR valves can disrupt proper exhaust recirculation by negatively impacting the power output.

Ignition coil failures

  • This generates a spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture in the cylinders at the right instant for power generation. 
  • If the ignition coils are faulty, it will prevent proper combustion timing by creating engine misfires.

Solutions For Fixing Power Loss Issues In A Nissan Murano

  • Confirm that the air filter is not excessively dirty or clogged. 
  • Use a multimeter to check the MAF sensor output. 
  • Verify that the fuel pump maintains a proper pressure rating under load. 
  • Use throttle body cleaner spray to clean any carbon deposits that may restrict the throttle valve motion.
  • Listen for hissing leaks, inspect hoses for cracks, and confirm secure connections to prevent unmetered air.
  • Swap out old oxygen sensors that provide inaccurate exhaust readings.
  • Remove any carbon-blocking EGR valve pintle motion to restore proper exhaust circulation.
  • Check coil resistance values and inspect boots for cracks. 
  • For directed repairs, scan for any stored DTCs pointing to specific components that might be causing power losses.

FAQs About Nissan Murano Loses Power While Driving

Q: Does low transmission fluid can cause the engine to lose power?

A: Yes, critical low transmission fluid can create internal slipping and power loss. 

Q: Can a dirty motor oil cause a power loss in a Nissan Murano?

A: Yes, contaminated oil, sludge build-up, and reduced oil pressure from dirty oil can have an effect on this issue.

Q: What is the average cost to diagnose and fix power loss causes?

A: You can expect a cost between $200-$800 for this issue to have an end.

Q: Is it safe to drive my Murano if I am experiencing brief losses?

A: You can drive gently for short distances if needed. But continuous driving may risk breakdown or further damage.

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