Nissan Rogue Door Lock Not Working: Solutions for the Annoying Issue

Nissan Rogue Door Lock Not Working

It can be incredibly inconvenient when the door locks on your vehicle stop functioning properly. 

One commonly reported issue with the popular Nissan Rogue crossover SUV model is that the door locks can fail intermittently or altogether when taking the action to lock or unlock the vehicle’s doors.

But don’t worry, this guide will provide an overview of the root causes of Nissan Rogue door locks failing, steps for diagnosis, and detail potential repair procedures to get them working again. 

Potential Causes

Faulty door lock actuator:

  • The door lock actuator is the electronic motor that engages the locking mechanism. 
  • Failure of this component can prevent locking/unlocking. 
  • Actuators can fail due to age, damage or power issues.

Issues with the body control module:

  • The BCM controls and coordinates electrical components including the door locks. 
  • If it malfunctions or loses communication, door locks may stop working normally. 
  • Software faults or voltage problems can lead to BCM failure.

Faulty door lock relay:

  • Relays send power to actuators when switches are activated. 
  • Broken relay contacts prevents this power transfer, which means the locks won’t engage as commanded. 
  • These types of electrical issues and wear can cause due to failure of over time.

Blown fuses:

  • Fuses protects the door lock circuits from excessive current. 
  • Too much load or a short can blow the fuse by cutting the power to the components. 
  • Locks will be totally or partially inoperative if a related fuse is blown.

Wiring harness damage:

  • Damaged or corroded wires and connectors that leads to actuators and switches interfere with proper circuit operations. 
  • This prevents effective signals and voltage from reaching components that controls the locks.

Symptoms of Door Lock Failure

Door fails to lock or unlock with key fob or interior switches:

  • Pressing the key fob or door switch has no effect on the locks. 
  • Lights and the horn may activate by indicating the fob signal reception, but no sounds can be heard from doors when locking or unlocking.

Lights flash but doors do not lock/unlock:

  • Exterior and interior lights flash as expected when pressing the key fob or door lock switches. 
  • But there is no audible noise of locks engaging or disengaging afterwards. 
  • Doors remain static in current lock state despite of input signals that have been received.

Only some doors locks or unlocks:

  • Typically the front driver’s and the passenger’s doors will lock/unlock when actuated while the rear passenger doors do not respond. Or vice versa scenario where the driver doors fails but passenger doors operates normally to the signals. 

Diagnosing the Problem

Checking the fuses:

  • Locate the fuse box, which is under the dashboard or the hood. 
  • Remove the fuses that are related to the door locks and inspect for a broken filament inside. 
  • Replace any blown fuses before further testing.

Testing the actuators:

  • Remove the door panels that has access to the lock actuators. 
  • Apply a direct power/ground to the actuator terminals to activate it and confirm if failure exists over there. 
  • Listen closely for clicking sounds when operating.

Scanning for codes:

  • Use an OBD2 scanner to retrieve any stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) that are related to locks. 
  • This is because codes usually points to specific components that helps to accurately diagnose the root cause.

Fixing the Door Lock Actuators

Locate or remove the bad actuator:

  • Take off the door panels and remove the mounting screws to free the installed actuator assembly. 
  • Note the orientation and connections for accurate reinstallation.

Install the replacement of actuators:

  • Reverse the removal procedure and install a new actuator unit in the same configuration as the original. 
  • Ensure the right model replacement is obtained for that door side.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Rogue Door Lock Not Working

Q: Why would only some door locks may stops working?

A: If only one or a couple of door locks have failed, it usually indicates a defective actuator or connection problem to that specific door rather than a system-wide issue.

Q: Does the entire door lock assembly needs replacement?

A: In most cases, only a single component like the actuator, BCM, relay, or wiring needs replacing rather than the entire lock assembly. Proper diagnosis of the root failure is needed to avoid unnecessary replacement parts.

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