Nissan SOS Button Red Light: Hidden Meanings of These Illuminations

Nissan SOS Button Red Light

Nissan vehicles equipped with NissanConnect Services feature’s an SOS button that occupants can use to call for emergency assistance. 

An indicator light near the SOS button may illuminate red to communicate different statuses to vehicle occupants.

What Does the SOS Button Does?

  • The Nissan SOS button allows drivers or passengers to directly contact 911 call centers or privately operated emergency response services in the event of an emergency situation which involves the vehicle.

Emergency Response Assistance

  • Pressing the SOS button automatically connects the vehicle’s occupants to an emergency dispatcher who can send police, ambulance, or other emergency assistance to the vehicle’s GPS location.

Crash Data Notification

  • In enabled vehicles, pressing the SOS button also alerts emergency services that a crash may have occurred by triggering much more faster responses than usual.

Red Light Indicator of SOS Button

Near the SOS button there is a red indicator light. 

Illumination patterns of this light can relay different information about the emergency response system’s status.

Solid Red Light

  • A solid red light indicates that the vehicle’s emergency services and crash response features are active and are standing by. 
  • This happens automatically whenever the ignition is on.

Flashing the Red Light

  • A flashing red SOS light means that the vehicle’s emergency call system is currently in contact with an emergency dispatcher through an active phone call. 
  • This signals that the emergency help has been summoned.

No Red Light

  • If the red indicator light near the SOS button does not illuminate when starting the car, it likely signals an error or interruption in the emergency response system. 
  • The light disappearing could mean the system requires troubleshooting.

Causes of SOS Indicator Light Issues

There are a few potential issues that can disrupt the functionality of the Nissan SOS button and prevent the illumination of its status light.

Electrical Problems

  • Electrical faults, damaged wiring, low battery voltage, or software glitches can cause malfunctions with the SOS light or button. 
  • Intermittent red light operation may indicate a loose connection.

Cellular Network Disruptions

  • The SOS system relies on a paired cellular phone’s data and voice connectivity services. 
  • If the phone has reception/coverage issues, has an expired plan, or is damaged, this can affect the SOS button operation.

Satellite Component Malfunctions

  • Certain Nissan models have integrated satellite components to enhance the emergency call services. 
  • If these satellite transmitters or antennas are out of shape, the red SOS light could be impacted due to its lost signal.

Responding to a Flashing or a None SOS Light

If you notice issues with the red SOS indicator light in your Nissan vehicle which is  malfunctioning, there are steps that can be taken to restore the proper operation or access emergency services through alternate.

Troubleshoot the Mobile Connection Issues

  • If your paired phone has cellular connectivity problems that disrupt the NissanConnect emergency call services, first troubleshoot the mobile device. 
  • Try toggling the airplane mode on/off on the phone to refresh the connection.

Run Diagnostics Check

  • If troubleshooting your connected phone does not resolve a non-functional SOS light, run a NissanConnect emergency response system diagnostics to check through your vehicle interface. 
  • This will scan for issues.

Contact Service Provider

  • You can also contact your third-party NissanConnect emergency call provider such as Verizon. To connect directly to report issues with emergency button operation for further assistance and troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan SOS Button Red Light

Q: Can I drive the car safely if the SOS light is off?

A: You can safely drive the vehicle even with the light disabled. However, it is crucial to get the SOS system inspected and restored to working order by a certified technician as soon as possible.

Q: Does the red light drain my car’s battery?

A: No, the minimal power requirements of the small red status light are not large enough to significantly drain your vehicle’s battery life. It’s entirely normal for it to remain powered on whenever ignition is active.

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