How To Turn Off AWD Lock On Nissan Rogue: Let’s Find Out the Way

How To Turn Off AWD Lock On Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue compact SUV comes equipped with an innovative all-wheel-drive system that works great for enhancing traction and stability in inclement weather and off-road situations.

However, there may be times when it’s preferable to disable the AWD lockout feature and revert to normal operating mode.

Steps to Turn Off the AWD Lock

Locating the Control Button

  • Before going into detail about unlocking this feature, let’s find out the location of the button.
  • The button to engage/disengage the AWD lock is on the center console, right below the main climate control panel.
  • Look for a round button with a graphic icon label – it depicts the silhouette of an AWD vehicle with each wheel’s tread pattern prominently featured to indicate locking or unlocking differentials.
  • Press the button firmly once to toggle the AWD lock on, and press it a second time with a full push to disable it. 
  • The icon will illuminate with a green light when activated, and goes dark when deactivated.

Unlocking Procedure

  • Bring the Nissan Rogue to a complete stop before attempting to disable the AWD lock. 
  • Remember that changing modes while underway can upset the vehicle’s stability.
  • With your left foot on the brake pedal, locate the console button and give it a solid single push. This will disengage the locking mechanism.
  • Then check that the graphic icon light on the face of the button goes dark, and verify the indicator on the instrument cluster is off to confirm the unlock status.

Driving After Disabling

  • With the system unlocked, torque distribution defaults back to a variable balance that shifts power fore/aft automatically based on the available traction.
  • Wheel slippage is reduced as the crossover can brake single wheels while applying more torque to others with grip.
  • Winding resistance and friction are lowered across the driveline by allowing few slight gains in fuel efficiency.
  • Vehicle dynamics also benefit by handling the linearity and high-speed stability that are improved without differentials bound together.

Reasons to Disable the AWD Lock

  • Locking the front and rear differentials can increase the mechanical resistance and friction across the interconnected axle shafts and gearing. This accelerates wear when left perpetually engaged.
  • The goal of the variable AWD tuning is to allow wheels to turn independently – when locked together, the wheels will fight each other during turns or at differing speeds.
  • Fuel mileage drops as mechanical losses increase – the powertrain has to struggle harder with differentials locked which is unable to minimize the binding or winding resistance across axles.
  • At higher speeds, while cornering, having the ability to allow slight differences in rotational speeds between front and rear wheels aids stability and turn-in response. It is also noteworthy to mention that, locked axles reduces this handling optimization.
  • The main benefits of an AWD system come from its ability to dynamically shift torque to maximize traction at each wheel selectively. 
  • Locking the driveline forfeits these performance and drivability benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Turn Off AWD Lock On Nissan Rogue

Q: What does the AWD lock button do?

A: The AWD lock button allows you to manually activate or deactivate the driveline’s differential locking mechanism. When locked, it splits the engine power 50/50 between front and rear axles.

Q: Is it bad to drive with it locked all the time?

A: Yes, leaving it perpetually locked can accelerate wear on driveline components. It also reduces the fuel efficiency and handling ability if left on when not needed. So, remember to unlock it when necessary and lock according to your driving conditions

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