C1735 Ignition Circuit Open: Diagnosing and Resolving the Code

C1735 Ignition Circuit Open

Getting a C1735 error code thrown in your vehicle can certainly be confusing and concerning. 

Essentially, it indicates that there is some kind of break in the ignition electrical circuit that is vital for starting and running your vehicle. 

This article explores the intricacies of C1735 ignition circuit faults.

Understanding the Ignition Circuit Electrical Issues

When your engine computer detects issues that is sending or receiving the right electrical signals from the ignition control module, it logs ignition circuit error codes such as C1735.

Key Functions Disrupted by a Faulty Circuit

Your vehicle’s ignition system controls essential operations such as:

  • Engine sparking for combustion
  • Timing of spark plug firing
  • Monitoring the RPM speed signals
  • Fuel mixture regulation

So C1735 code means that there are probably significant visible symptoms in the your vehicle.

Variations of C1735 Code

While the basic definition focuses on open circuit faults, there can be related ignition circuit codes like:

  • C1730 – Ignition Circuit Short to Battery
  • C1734 – Ignition Circuit Short to Ground
  • C1736 – Ignition Circuit Low Voltage

Each signals slightly different electrical issues that is onboard.

Pinpointing the Root Causes of C1735 Open Circuit

In order to fix the problem that triggers the code C1735, you must first get to the root cause. 

Here are some of the most prevalent causes.

Bad Ignition Coil

  • One of the most common reasons for C1735 is degradation or failure of the ignition coil. 
  • This essential component converts battery voltage into high-voltage spark energy. 
  • If it’s defective, communication can be disrupted.

Faulty Spark Plugs

  • Problematic spark plugs can also create ignition issues that is setting the C1735 code. 
  • Defective, fouled, or worn-out spark plugs can prevent the proper sparking explosions in engine cylinders that requires power operations.

Damaged Connectors and Wiring

  • Fraying, detached, or corroded wiring and connectors leading to and from the ignition coil can cause electrical signal open circuits. 
  • This can interrupt the vital communication pathways.

Engine Control Module Issues

  • In some cases, even if the rest of the ignition components are working out under the normal operation, there may be internal glitches within the main engine control computer that requires professional diagnosis and repair.

Resolving C1735 Open Circuit Concerns

Getting rid of that pesky C1735 requires a logical diagnostic process:

Careful Circuit Inspection

  • Thoroughly inspect the wiring, connectors, ignition coils, and the spark plugs for visible damage that would cause any circuit breaks. 
  • Check the voltages at key testing points as well.

Component Replacements

  • Swap out the worn-out ignition coils, spark plugs, or wiring harness sections with genuine replacement parts one at a time until you find the erratic component which causes the code.

Reset the Engine Computer

  • Finally, clear any stored C1735 code from the engine control module’s memory with an automotive diagnostic scan tool after successfully having a  repair verification through testing.
  • While tricky, understanding the real meaning of the code C1735 leads to smarter troubleshooting and resolutions. 
  • Consult a professional technician for complex diagnosis and repair if needed that are related to lingering the ignition circuit issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions About C1735 Ignition Circuit Open

Q: Is it safe to drive with the code C1735?

A: It is not recommended to drive with this code if it is onboard for an extended period. An open ignition circuit can allow engine misfires that leads to raw fuel in the exhaust system, which can overheat the catalytic converters and create an additional damage.

Q: Will the C1735 code resets itself if the issue seems to go away?

A: No, the ignition control module will have a stored history of the open circuit fault even if the system appears to return back to the normal operations. The code cannot clear itself without using an OBDII scanner tool after repairs are done.

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