Nissan Doors Unlock When Put In Park: Dealing With The Auto Unlock Feature

Nissan Doors Unlock When Put In Park

It can be startling when you first experience the doors automatically unlocking every time you shift your Nissan into parking mode. While intended as a convenience feature, some drivers find the auto unlocking unnerving or unnecessary.

Fortunately, most modern Nissans allow you to turn off the automatic door unlock setting. This article provides an overview of how the auto-unlock feature works in Nissan vehicles when shifted into park.

We’ll cover the benefits this setting offers and why you may want to turn off the default behavior. So read on to learn how to control this standard door function.

Easy Steps On How To Disable The Auto Door Unlock Feature In Nissans When Put Into Park

  • Locate the vehicle information display buttons on the steering wheel. These allow you to cycle through the settings menu.
  • Press the button to get to the Settings menu. It may be visible with an icon like a wrench or toolbox.
  • Use the toggle buttons to go into Door Settings. Which is usually under the vehicle’s settings option.
  • Scroll to Auto Door Unlock. Select this option to open unlock settings.
  • Use the toggle buttons again to change Auto Door Unlock to OFF. Which turns off the feature.
  • Make sure the setting is on the saving side before exiting the menus. The Nissan may prompt you to press and hold a button to save changes.
  • Turn off the ignition and then restart the engine to reload settings. Test the doors to confirm that the issue is free.

Benefits And Importance Of Nissan’s Auto Door Unlock Feature When Shifting To Park

On the other hand, this feature is valuable and vital to the vehicle and for you as well; in case you are wondering what are the benefits of this feature are, these are the most critical facts to consider since this is a safety feature


  • Doors unlocking automatically makes exiting the vehicle simple and easy, especially with arms full. 
  • Drivers don’t have to fumble for keys or buttons to open the door.


  • Sudden unlocking helps drivers not get locked out of the car after parking. Which prevents dangerous situations from being stuck outside vehicles.


  • Auto unlock makes entering and exiting easier for elderly or disabled passengers with limited mobility.

Alert to driver

  • The distinct sound of locks alerts the driver to inform that the vehicle is now parked and inaccessible.

Prevention of damage

  • Auto unlock prevents drivers from accidentally forcing the doors open without first unlocking, which could damage the locking mechanisms.

Security enhancement

  • Doors lock again once the key is free to prevent theft if drivers forget to lock doors manually.

Resale value

  • Auto door unlock is a flagship convenience feature on many modern vehicles that owners may come to expect. It can enhance the resale value.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Doors Unlock When Put In Park

Q: Will turning off the auto-unlock feature affect other vehicle functions?

No, disabling the auto unlock only affects whether the doors unlock when shifted into parking mode. All other vehicle features will continue to operate normally.

Q: Does this happen with all new Nissan models?

Most 2012 and newer Nissan models have the auto door unlock standard as a feature.

Q: Is this a security risk if I prefer my doors stay locked?

Some drivers perceive it as a risk, though most valuables remain locked in the glove box. But you can restore security by turning off the auto-unlock function.

Q: Will my doors still lock automatically when I put the car in drive?

Yes, the auto re-lock when shifting into the drive is a separate feature that remains active even if you turn off the auto-unlock.

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