Nissan Juke Auto Light Flashing: Troubleshooting Guide Along With Causes

Nissan Juke Auto Light Flashing

It can be frustrating when the auto light on your Nissan Juke starts to flash out of nowhere. A flashing auto light typically indicates that there are some issues with the headlight system that requires attention.

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll discuss some of the common causes of a flashing auto light and provide steps that you can take to diagnose and resolve this problem.

You can troubleshoot a flashing auto light on your Nissan Juke with the correct information and a systematic approach. Identifying the main cause is the first step towards getting your headlights working again. 

Our guide will give you the knowledge that is needed to resolve this frustrating issue. Therefore, read on for our complete troubleshooting instructions to overcome this issue.

Common Causes For A Flashing Auto Light In A Nissan Juke

Faulty daytime running light (DRL) module

  • The DRL module controls the auto headlights and daytime running lights. 
  • A malfunctioning DRL module can cause erratic flashing of the auto lights. 

Blown auto light fuse

  • The interior fuse box has a dedicated fuse for the auto light system. 
  • If this has blown, it will cause the auto lights to flash or malfunction. 

Faulty auto light control switch

  • The switch on the headlight stalk that controls the auto light function can fail and cause flashing over time.

Bad ground connections

  • The auto light system relies on basic ground connections. 
  • If the ground points gets loose, it can cause faults by leading to auto light flashing.

Faulty headlight bulbs

  • Sometimes, a malfunctioning headlight bulb can also cause the auto lights to misbehave and flash. 

Steps To Diagnose And Resolve A Flashing Auto Light In A Nissan Juke

  • Use an OBD-II scanner tool to check for any stored codes that are related to the auto light system. Codes pointing to specific modules or circuits can help to narrow down the cause.
  • Locate the fuses related to the exterior lighting by using the fuse diagram. Check the auto light control fuse in the interior box and test fuses for continuity and replace any blown fuses.
  • Look for any burnt-out headlight bulbs, daytime running lights, turn signals, etc. Replace any bulbs that are damaged.
  • Inspect all wiring to the headlights, DRLs, and auto control module. Look for chafed, cut, pinched, or melted wires. Repair or replace damaged wiring as needed.
  • Use a multimeter to check terminals on the headlight stalk switch while toggling positions. Compare readings to a working switch and replace if readings are faulty. 


  • Wiggle test relays and terminals of the DRL module, BCM, and headlight connectors to make sure that there are no burnt/corroded terminals.
  • If DRL or BCM modules are confirmed faulty, those needs replacements to resolve auto light flashing.
  • Drive the vehicle and recheck the auto light operation after any fixes. Flashing should be resolved if the root cause is free.

FAQs About Nissan Juke Auto Light Flashing

Q: Are there any common auto light error codes in a Nissan Juke?

A: Yes, some common diagnostic trouble codes are P0562 (voltage supply malfunction) and B10AF (auto lamp control circuit malfunction).

Q: The auto light flashes only sometimes – is that still a problem?

A: Intermittent flashing is still a sign of an electrical issue that needs attention. Problems like loose wiring or bad grounds can cause occasional flashing.

Q: Can I drive safely if my Juke’s auto light is flashing?

A: It’s not recommended. Flashing indicates the system is not functioning normally. Driving with malfunctioning lights is unsafe and likely illegal.

Q: Can a mechanic diagnose and fix this issue, or does it require the dealership?

A: An experienced mechanic can diagnose and troubleshoot an auto light issue. Dealership may be needed for complex module reprogramming.

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