Nissan Navigation System Problems: Causes Along with Solutions

Nissan Navigation System Problems

Nissan vehicles are known for having intuitive technology features, including navigation systems in many models. 

However, some Nissan owners have reported issues with the navigation systems in their vehicles. 

Causes with Solutions

Here are some of the most common problems with Nissan navigation systems, along with potential solutions.

Touchscreen Responsiveness

  • One frequent complaint about Nissan navigation systems is unresponsive or laggy touchscreens. 
  • The touchscreen may be slow to react when pressing icons or entering information. 
  • This can make the system difficult to use while driving. 
  • A potential fix is to try rebooting the navigation system by turning the car off and on again. 
  • Updating to the latest software version can also improve responsiveness.

Inaccurate GPS

  • Some Nissan owners report problems with inaccurate GPS on the navigation system. 
  • The system may show the vehicle in a different location or give inaccurate directions. 
  • This is likely an issue with the GPS antenna or the receiver. 
  • Having the dealer inspecting and replacing the GPS hardware may resolve inaccuracies. 
  • Keeping the navigation software updated can also help to resolve this issue.

Outdated Maps

  • As roads and addresses can change over time, the map database on the navigation system can become outdated. 
  • This results in the system of not finding newer streets or destinations. 
  • Nissan owners can contact the dealer to purchase an updated SD card with the latest maps. 
  • New map updates are usually released at least once a year.

Voice Recognition Issues

  • Nissan’s navigation systems typically allow entering addresses by voice. 
  • However, some owners complain about the voice recognition not understanding the commands accurately. 
  • This leads to frustration when trying to enter the correct destinations. 
  • Make sure to speak clearly and follow the voice prompts. 
  • Updating to the latest software with enhanced voice recognition can also help to troubleshoot this issue.

Issues with the Seeing Screen

  • Some Nissan vehicles place the navigation screen in a low position by making it hard to view while driving. 
  • The small screen size on some models also inhibits visibility. 
  • Adjusting the screen brightness and angle may help. 
  • But ultimately, a larger, higher-mounted screen may be needed for optimal viewing.

Replacement Options

If you are fed up with your Nissan’s faulty navigation system, consider replacing it with an aftermarket system. 

Some popular options include:

  • Smartphone integration: Many apps allow mirroring your phone’s map app onto the car’s display screen.
  • Standalone GPS: Portable navigation units from Garmin, TomTom or other brands can be mounted on the dash.
  • Aftermarket touchscreen stereo: This is a bigger upgrade, which allows the replacement of the OEM radio and display unit.

NOTE: Just be aware that an aftermarket system may not fully integrate with the vehicle’s controls and power. And any modifications to the dashboard will likely void portions of the factory warranty.

Experts Weigh In

We asked some experts to provide their insights into dealing with Nissan’s navigation system problems:

Jim, auto repair shop owner:

  • “The most common issues we see are inaccurate GPS tracking, outdated maps, and laggy response time. 
  • The first and foremost step is to try a simple restart and check for software updates. 

Sarah, automotive journalist:

  • “Frustrated Nissan owners complain about navigation systems on forums daily. 
  • Problems seem worse in older models, while newer Nissans have fewer glitches. 

FAQs About Nissan Navigation System Problems

Q: Should I just use my phone’s GPS instead?

A: Smartphone map apps can serve as a workaround for faulty Nissan systems. However, built-in navigation is preferred for larger maps, safer interaction, and integrated controls. Remember that phones also lack in HD traffic data that are available on Nissan navigation.

Q: How much does it cost to repair Nissan’s navigation problems?

A: Costs vary depending on the specific issue. Software updates, map updates, and antenna repairs average $150-$350. Entire GPS units or display screen replacements can cost around $1000 or more in parts and labour.

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