Nissan Rogue Won’t Start Lights Flashing: Troubleshooting Guide

Nissan Rogue Won't Start Lights Flashing

It can be frustrating when you go to start your Nissan Rogue, and it won’t turn over. 

Instead, you may notice some of the lights on the dashboard flashing on and off. There are a few different causes for this no-start condition. 

Here are some advices on troubleshooting and fixing the issues.

Check The Battery

  • One of the most common reasons a Nissan Rogue won’t start is a dead or weak battery. 
  • The battery’s function is to provide the initial power to get the engine turning over. 
  • If the battery charge is low, it may have just enough power to cause the lights to flash but not enough amount of power to fully crank the starter.
  • Use an instrument like a voltmeter to check the voltage on your Rogue’s battery.  
  • It should read 12.4-12.6 volts when fully charged. If it’s below 12 volts, the battery needs to be recharged or replaced. 
  • Make sure the battery terminals are also clean and secure. 
  • This is because loose connections can prevent the battery from delivering power.

Test The Starter

  • The next thing to check is the starter motor. 
  • This component is responsible for turning over the engine when you engage the ignition. 
  • If the starter is failing, the lights on the dash may come on, but the engine won’t crank.
  • Listen near the starter when trying to start the Rogue. 
  • If you hear clicking or chattering, the starter may be defective. 
  • Tap on the starter with a wrench or pipe while turning the key to see whether it engages. 
  • Have the starter tested by a mechanic if needed.

Check For Loose Or Damaged Wiring

  • Faulty wiring, which leads to the battery, starter, or ignition switch, can mimic a no-start problem. 
  • Inspect all visible wires under the hood for damage. 
  • Make sure the connections are secure. 
  • Check for loose or corroded wires around the battery terminals and starter. 
  • If the wires are out of function, you have to replace them.

Test The Ignition Switch

  • The ignition switch signals the starter to engage when you turn the key. 
  • If this switch is damaged, it may trigger the lights but not activate the starter. 
  • Turn the key partway and check whether the accessory lights comes on or not. 
  • If they do, test the switch further with a multimeter or have it replaced if it is faulty.

Scan For Trouble Codes

  • The Rogue’s computer may detect a problem that is preventing the start-up. 
  • Common codes include crankshaft or camshaft sensor issues, ignition coil failures, or faults with the electronic ignition system.
  • Clearing the codes with a scan tool may allow a temporary start-up. 
  • However, the underlying problem still needs to be diagnosed and repaired. 
  • Use the code definitions to test the associated components.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Rogue Won’t Start Lights Flashing

Q: Should I try jump-starting if the lights are flashing, even though the vehicle wouldn’t start?

A: It’s worth trying to jump-start the vehicle if the battery is confirmed to be low. But jump-starting it likely won’t help if the no-start issue is due to a bad starter, a switch problem or a sensor failure. Make sure to check other systems first before attempting a jump start.

Q: Could the neutral safety switch prevent my Rogue from starting?

A: Yes, this switch prevents starting unless the transmission is in park or neutral. If the switch malfunctions, it won’t allow the starter to engage. Try shifting through the gear positions while attempting to start the vehicle.

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