Nissan Forward Emergency Braking Warning Light Reset: Simple Guide

Nissan Forward Emergency Braking Warning Light Reset

The Nissan Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) system is an advanced safety feature that helps to detect vehicles in front of you and can automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision. 

However, like any system, it can sometimes malfunction, and the FEB warning light may illuminate on your dashboard. 

Resetting this light is a simple process that you can do by yourself.

How to Reset the Nissan FEB Warning Light

Here are the steps to reset the FEB warning light in your Nissan:

Step 1

  • Bring your vehicle to a complete stop and turn the ignition to the OFF position.

Step 2

  • Press and hold the brake pedal down for approximately 30 seconds. This discharges any stored voltage in the sensors.

Step 3

  • Turn the ignition back to the ON position, but do not start the engine. The FEB warning light should then turn off after a few seconds.

Step 4

  • If it remains on, the next step is to start the engine. Most Nissans will automatically reset the FEB system when you start the car.

Step 5

  • Drive forward slowly for a short distance. This allows the radar to recalibrate, and the light should go off once it does.

Step 6

  • If the light remains on, have your Nissan dealer inspect the FEB system. There may be an underlying issue that requires some service.

Note: Taking these simple steps to reset the warning light can often resolve minor problems. However, if the light comes on again right away, be sure to visit a certified mechanic. Driving with actual FEB malfunctions can be unsafe. Getting the system inspected and repaired promptly is recommended.

Meaning of the FEB Warning Light

In order to reset this feature, you should be aware of at what times or moments this issue could occur. 

The FEB warning light is shaped like a car with brake lines in front of it. It is typically amber or orange in color. If it comes on, it could mean:

  • The FEB system has temporarily disabled itself due to a malfunction. This is often the case if the light comes on after hitting a pothole or driving on a bumpy road.
  • The radar sensor behind the front grille is dirty or obstructed by snow, ice, mud, etc. The sensor needs to be cleaned if so.
  • There is an actual problem or fault with the FEB system that requires attention.
  • If the light is blinking, it means the system is actively engaged and applying the brakes.

Importance of the FEB Function

The Forward Emergency Braking system plays an integral role in your Nissan’s overall safety capabilities. 

When operating correctly, it can help avoid frontal crashes or significantly reduce the impact speeds. After a reset, you can experience these safety actions from this feature again. 

  • Adds a layer of active safety technology and crash avoidance alongside antilock brakes and electronic stability control.
  • Radar and cameras detect slower-moving or stopped vehicles ahead much faster than human reaction times.
  • Applies brakes automatically to slow your vehicle if you don’t brake in time by preventing an imminent collision.
  • Brakes are applied firmly yet smoothly for maximum control and stability if a crash is unavoidable.
  • During partial braking, the system continues providing steering control so you can maneuver around the threats.
  • Can bring your Nissan to a complete stop when driving under 50 mph if obstacles are detected.

FAQs About Nissan Forward Emergency Braking Warning Light Reset

Q: Can I still drive the vehicle safely if the FEB warning light is on?

A: Yes, but the FEB system will be disabled. Your standard brakes and ABS function will remain fully operational. However, it’s best to have the light inspected and reset promptly.

Q: Why does the FEB light sometimes come on after hitting a bump or a pothole?

A: The impact can momentarily disrupt communication between the FEB system components. This triggers the light as a precaution, but it usually goes off on its own after a couple of minutes.

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