Nissan Titan Leveling Kit Problems: Issues You Might Be Facing

Nissan Titan Leveling Kit Problems

Installing a leveling kit on your Nissan Titan can provide a more aggressive stance and allow you to fit larger tires. However, lifting your truck with a budget leveling kit can also lead to some issues if not done correctly. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common problems you might encounter after installing a leveling kit on your Titan. Proper installation and high-quality components are crucial to avoid vibration, improper alignment, steering wander, and premature suspension component wear.

We’ll discuss what causes these issues and how to prevent them through carefully selecting kit components and professional installation. 

Causes For Nissan Titan Leveling Kit Problems

Improper installation

  • One of the most common causes of issues is that incorrectly installing the leveling kit. 
  • If the shocks are not appropriately on perfect specs to the new height, it can lead to uneven wheel alignment, improper load distribution, and excessive vibration. 

Low-quality components

  • Cheaper leveling kits often use inferior shock absorbers, springs, and other hardware that do not handle the weight and torque of a full-size vehicle like the Titan. 
  • This can lead to premature failure of shocks, bushings, ball joints and tie rods.

Not enough adjustment after installing

  • After installing a leveling kit, an alignment and adjustment of the suspension trim height are usually required. 
  • If not, this can lead to uneven tire wear, wander in the steering, and stability issues, especially during cornering.

Extra strain on suspension

  • Leveling kits strain the suspension components, including shocks, bushings, ball joints, etc. 
  • If these are not inspected and replaced if necessary, the added stress will lead to premature wear and failure.

Increased leverage on components

  • By raising the front height, leveling kits increase the leverage on steering and suspension parts, which must work harder to cope with the forces involved. 

Vehicle drivability issues

  • Leveling kits can negatively impact the overall drivability of the vehicle. 
  • Steering stiffness, wandering, bounce, bottoming out, body roll and lighting direction can all be affected due to this issue. 

Solutions For Nissan Titan Leveling Kit Problems

  • An experienced mechanic properly installing the leveling kit according to the manufacturer’s specifications is vital to avoid these issues.
  • Choose leveling kit components from reputable brands known for quality and durability. 
  • It’s critical to have a proper front-end alignment and headlight adjustment done after installing the leveling kit. 
  • Adjustable shocks, upgraded sway bar links, and revised tuning of suspension geometry can significantly improve drivability after a leveling kit installation.
  • Stick to wheel sizes so that calibration will perform for proper long-term operations.
  • Inflate tires 5-10% below factory pressures for a smoother ride. The increased sidewall flex can help cushion the harshness of the leveling kits.
  • Take care in avoiding bottoming out the suspension when driving.

FAQs About Nissan Titan Leveling Kit Problems

Q: Will the leveling kit void my Titan’s warranty?

A: A leveling kit will not void the factory warranty if properly installed by using high-quality parts. However, if the damage is due to poor installation or component failure, it may not have the coverage by Titan’s warranty. 

Q: Do I need adjustable/extended control arms with a leveling kit?

A: Generally, yes, adjustable control arms can help realign suspension geometry and are best for 2-3″ kits. 

Q: Should I upgrade any other components with a leveling kit?

A: Consider upgrading shocks, brakes, wheel bearings, driveline angles, bump stops, and skid plates to handle increased stress from a leveling kit.

Q: Will bigger tires fit after installing the leveling kit?

A: Yes, you can safely fit larger tires according to the wheel space after the leveling kit installation. Some minor trimming may be ideal to eliminate rubbing.

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