How To Open Trunk With Dead Battery Nissan Maxima

How To Open Trunk With Dead Battery

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on opening a Nissan Maxima’s trunk when faced with a dead battery. There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to access your trunk, especially when you need to retrieve something urgently or place items inside.

However, fear not; we have compiled a list of simple and effective solutions and proven techniques to help you overcome this common trouble.

This article will walk you through practical step-by-step instructions on unlocking the trunk without needing a functioning car battery. Whether you have accidentally left your lights on, your battery has aged, or you find yourself in a situation where the battery is dead, these solutions will come to your rescue.

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Proven Techniques To Help You Access The Trunk Without A Functioning Battery

Physical Key Entry

  • Look closely at the back of the trunk near the handle, and you should find a small keyhole cover. 
  • Remove the cover, insert the key, and turn it to unlock the trunk. 
  • This method is the most straightforward way to open the trunk when the battery is dead.

Interior Trunk Release Lever

  • Many modern cars, including Nissan Maxima, have an interior trunk release lever near the driver’s seat or the front console area. 
  • Look for a lever with a trunk symbol on it. Pulling this lever will activate the trunk release mechanism, allowing you to open the trunk even with a dead battery.

Remote Key Fob

  • In some Nissan Maxima models, the key fob may still work even if the car battery is dead. 
  • Press the trunk release button or the option on the key fob to see if it unlocks the trunk. 
  • If it works, you can access your trunk without any hassle.

Jump-Start the Car

  • If none of the above methods work and you can access jumper cables and another vehicle, you can try jump-starting your Nissan Maxima. 
  • Once the car has been in an active position, the trunk release mechanism should function normally.


Use a Portable Power Bank

  • There are portable power bank devices designed explicitly for jump-starting cars. 
  • Keep one of these in your car’s emergency kit. Using a power bank can provide enough energy to activate the trunk release mechanism, allowing you to open the trunk.

Rear Seat Fold-Down

  • Some Nissan Maxima models have rear seats that fold down to create a pass-through to the trunk. 
  • Check the rear seats for a release lever or pull tab. You may access the trunk from inside the car by folding down the rear seats.

Contact Nissan Roadside Assistance

  • If all else fails and you have access to a phone, consider calling Nissan Roadside Assistance. 
  • They can dispatch help to open the trunk or provide further guidance based on your car’s model and situation.

Frequently Asked Question Of How To Open Trunk With Dead Battery Nissan Maxima

Q: I couldn’t find the physical keyhole on my Nissan Maxima. What should I do?

A: In some models, the physical keyhole might be under a small cover that blends with the trunk’s design. Take a close look around the trunk handle, and you should find a small indentation or a panel that can be easily free to reveal the keyhole.

Q: Can I open the trunk with a screwdriver?

A: It is not recommended and can cause damage to the vehicle. While some older car models might have been vulnerable to such methods, modern cars, including the Nissan Maxima, have advanced security features that make it difficult to open the trunk without the proper key or key fob.

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