Nissan Titan Slip Light Reset: Simple Procedure That You Can Follow

Nissan Titan Slip Light Reset: Simple Procedure That You Can Follow

The slip indicator light on the Nissan Titan illuminates when the vehicle’s traction control system detects a wheel spin. This light usually comes on when driving in rainy or icy conditions and also when the wheels lose traction momentarily. While the light may turn off on its own once traction is onboard, it sometimes stays on even after conditions improve. 

In this article, we will walk through the straightforward process of resetting the slip light on a Nissan Titan. All you need to do in order to perform this reset is to access your vehicle’s fuse box.

We will review how to locate the correct fuse, remove it to reset the system, and replace it to restore regular operations. The procedure takes less than a minute. Following the steps outlined here, you can clear that pesky slip indicator light and return to the road with a clear mind.

Steps For Resetting The Slip Indicator Light On A Nissan Titan

Step 1

  • Make sure the vehicle’s power is completely off. Turn the ignition to the OFF position and remove the key.

Step 2

  • Locate the fuse box cover under the steering column. You’ll see a small latch that you can press on to release the cover.

Step 3

Step 4

  • Remove the VDC/SLIP fuse by grasping it gently and pulling it straight out. To complete this task, you may need to use the fuse puller tool provided in the fuse box.

Step 5

  • With the fuse removed, the VDC/slip light circuit will be open, and once this is done, the light will have a complete reset.

Step 6

  • Wait at least 1 minute before reinserting the fuse. This allows time for the system capacitor to discharge fully.

Step 7

  • Check that the fuse is not damaged or corroded. If it looks good, reinsert it into the VDC/SLIP slot by pressing down firmly until it clicks into its place.

Step 8

  • Close the fuse box cover and latch it shut.

Step 9

  • Turn the ignition back to the ON position. Make sure to not to start the engine.

Step 10

  • Verify that the VDC/slip light is no longer on the dashboard. If it turns back on, repeat the process.

Once reset, start the engine and resume driving. The slip light should stay off unless wheel spin is detected again.

If the light returns right away, an underlying issue with the VDC/traction control system may require diagnosis. Consult your owner’s manual or a certified Nissan service technician to overcome this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Titan Slip Light Reset

Q: How do I know if the VDC/slip light is on?

A: The slip indicator light is shaped like a coiled arrow and is usually located in the instrument cluster. When illuminated, it is typically an amber/orange color. Check your owner’s manual for the exact symbol and placement on the dash.

Q: What if the slip indicator light stays on after the reset procedure?

A: If the light remains on, there may be a persisting issue with the VDC/traction control system. Have a certified Nissan service technician to diagnose the vehicle to determine if repairs are needed.

Q: Will resetting the light fix the underlying problems?

A: No, resetting the light only clears the warning light. Suppose a mechanical or electrical issue triggers the light. In that case, it must have a proper repair so the problem does not reoccur in the near future.

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