2023 Nissan Rogue Radio not Working: Causes Along with Solutions

If you own a 2023 model-year Nissan Rogue and find that your radio has stopped working.

You can take several steps to try and get it functioning again before bringing it into the dealership. 

So, here they are

A Comprehensive Guide on Troubleshooting a Non-Working Radio in a 2023 Nissan Rogue

Check for Power to the Radio

  • As an initial test, check to see if the power is actually getting to your Rogue’s radio. 
  • Turn the key in the ignition to the “Accessory” position without starting the engine entirely. 
  • See if the radio screen lights up or shows any sign of life. 
  • If not, turn the key one position forward to engage the entire vehicle’s electrical system. 
  • If the radio still doesn’t show any display or signs of power, there may be an issue with one or more of the radio power supply fuses. 
  • Check in your owner’s manual for the locations of the fuses associated with the radio system. 
  • Visually inspect each fuse for a broken wire inside. 
  • If any fuses appear damaged, replace them with a fuse of the same amperage rating. 
  • Try turning the radio back on after replacing the blown fuse(s). 
  • If it still doesn’t receive power, the vehicle may have a wider electrical issue.

Make Sure Source Mode is Correct

  • If your Rogue’s radio does appear to be receiving power but doesn’t have any sound output, make sure you have the correct source mode selected. 
  • Press the various mode buttons on the radio faceplate to toggle between AM, FM, satellite radio, Bluetooth streaming, or USB/aux input sources. 
  • Try different sources to see if the audio plays successfully through any of them. 
  • It’s likely a deeper radio problem if most sources aren’t functioning. 
  • But it works fine in some modes and not others. In that case, an issue may be isolated to that particular source, like a bad antenna connection for FM radio.

Reset the Radio System

  • Most Nissan radios have a reset function that can be used to reload the software and restart the system from the scratch. 
  • Consult your owner’s manual for the proper reset procedure for your specific Rogue model and year. 
  • Often, the steps involve turning the radio on, pressing certain buttons like Power or Volume Up/Down in a set sequence, and then waiting 10-60 seconds for the reset to occur. 
  • If the radio screen goes blank, that typically means the reset was successful. 
  • The system should then reboot itself. 
  • Check that the functions returns to the radio after this reboot. 
  • If not, try the reset process again if the first attempt didn’t take a hit.

Check Radio Circuit Wiring

  • Depending on available tools and comfort with electrical systems, you can manually test the continuity of the wiring running to your Rogue’s radio unit. 
  • Turn off the engine and disconnect the negative terminal on the battery to prevent electric shocks or shorts. 
  • Then, locate the radio module wiring harness connector in your vehicle’s cabin. 
  • Separate it from the radio and use a digital multimeter in continuity mode to check pin-to-pin connectivity in the harness cable. 
  • If specific pins or entire circuits show no continuity, there is likely a break or cut in the wiring that will require professional repair.

Update Radio Software

  • Most modern vehicle infotainment components can update their internal software via a USB drive. 
  • Nissan releases radio software updates periodically as needed for performance enhancements or bug fixes. 
  • If your Rogue radio starts malfunctioning around the same timeframe you receive other vehicle recall notices, updating the radio software could potentially fix the issues at play. 
  • Nissan dealerships can check for applicable radio software updates for a nominal fee. 
  • However, they may recommend a complete radio replacement or repair if the problem turns out to be hardware-related rather than just a software glitch.

FAQs About 2023 Nissan Rogue Radio not Working

Q: How much might it cost if they can’t fix my radio easily?

A: Unfortunately, full replacements of infotainment units runs around $1000+ in parts alone if beyond DIY help. Add another few hours in labour fees plus a diagnosis charge at dealership rates.

Q: Is it safe to drive if my radio cuts out intermittently?

A: An intermittent radio, especially if sound cuts out at highway speeds, indicates potential wiring faults or electrical shorts that could spread vehicle-wide. Get the underlying glitch inspected soon to prevent safety risks.

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