Nissan Armada 4WD Light On After Dead Battery: What To Do?

Nissan Armada 4WD Light On After Dead Battery

It can be frightening when warning lights unexpectedly shows up on your Nissan Armada’s dash. Many owners have reported the 4WD light remains on after having a dead battery or battery replacement. At the first glance, this may indicate an issue with the SUV’s four-wheel drive system. However, there are a few simple steps that you can take to reset the light. And get your Armada to drive under the normal conditions.

In this article, we’ll look at the causes for the 4WD light to turn on, why it stays on after a battery failure, and the necessary steps to turn it off. 

Therefore, read on for a straightforward look at the common causes for the 4WD light illumination after a dead battery problem for Nissan Armada owners. We’ll cover the quick fixes, and also we will share when to seek professional service. With the correct information, you can clear that worrisome 4WD indicator and be confident with the proper vehicle’s operations.

Possible Causes For The Nissan Armada’s 4WD Light To Illuminate After A Dead Battery

Voltage Irregularities

  • When the battery dies or it is disconnected, it causes major disruptions and irregularities in the electrical system. 
  • This can essentially “confuse” the Armada’s 4WD computer, and this may triggers some faulty codes to turn on the 4WD light as a precaution.

Partial reset

  • Similarly, suppose the battery dies or is under a recent replacement, but the Armada is not fully powered down to reset all systems. 
  • In that case, it can lead to partial faulty codes to linger the 4WD computer. This tricks the system to signal that there is an issue.

Control module reset failure

  • Each wheel speed sensor and the 4WD actuator aligns with the ABS and the 4WD control module. 
  • Suppose this module fails to do a complete reset after power loss. 
  • In that case, faulty diagnostic trouble codes can remain and turn on the 4WD light.

Wheel speed sensor faults

  • The wheel speed sensors may have become “scrambled” by voltage irregularities from the dead battery, and this may fails to recalibrate correctly. 
  • In that case, wrong input from a wheel speed sensor can activate the 4WD fault lights.

ABS/VDC trouble codes

  • The anti-lock brake (ABS) and vehicle dynamics control (VDC) systems are closely in line with the 4WD operation. 
  • Any incorrect, faulty codes that lingers in ABS or VDC modules could trigger the 4WD light.

Software glitch

  • Like all modern vehicles, the Armada relies heavily on complex software to control the 4WD system. 
  • A software error induced by electrical disruptions can mistakenly turn on the 4WD indicator.

Solutions For Fixing The Nissan Armada’s 4WD Light, Which Illuminates After A Dead Battery

  • After a jump-start or a battery replacement, be sure to entirely shut down the Armada by turning the key to the OFF position and wait for 15 minutes before starting again. This completes the reset of all computers.
  • After the reset, use a code scanner to pull any stored ABS, VDC, and 4WD trouble codes. Make sure no faulty codes reappear, which could re-trigger the light. 
  • Inspect all fuses that are related to the 4WD system and replace any of the fuses that may have blown when the battery dies. 
  • Inspect the wiring to each wheel speed sensor by looking for any disconnections or damage that could send bad signals to trigger the 4WD light. 
  • Check the wiring harnesses that leads to each 4WD-related electronic components for any chafing, loose plugs, or cut wires that could be leading to faults.

FAQs About Nissan Armada 4WD Light On After Dead Battery

Q: Is it safe to drive with the 4WD light illumination?

A: Yes, you can safely drive with the 4WD light on if you do not engage in the 4WD lock mode. Make sure that you use only the 2WD mode.

Q: How long does it take for the 4WD light to reset after a battery failure?

A: It could take driving up to 50 miles for the system to fully reset. The light may turn off on its own if no underlying issues exists.

Q: Does Nissan’s new car warranty cover this?

A: In most cases, diagnosis and repairs of the 4WD light coming on after a dead battery will be covered under warranty.

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