Nissan Rogue Radio Keeps Turning Off: Solutions For The Frustrating Issue

Radio Keeps Turning Off

Nissan Rogue owners have been increasingly complaining about an annoying problem. That is the vehicle’s radio randomly shutting off while driving. This issue seems to affect newer models, primarily from the last few years. 

This article will share you the possible causes behind a Rogue radio that is turning off and potential solutions to overcome those issues. 

If your Rogue’s radio is shutting off randomly, you’ll want to read on for our advice. We’ll cover troubleshooting steps that you can take yourself and also some long-term fixes from Nissan itself. 

Possible Causes For Shutting Off The Rogue’s Radios Automatically By Itself

Faulty wiring harness

  • Wires that connects the radio to the car’s electrical system could be damaged or loose. 
  • This can cause intermittent power loss to the radio by shutting it off randomly. Wiring harness issues tend to worsen over time as the wires degrade, so this problem is most common in older Rogues.

Software bugs

  • Like all modern cars, the Nissan Rogue relies heavily on complex software to control systems like the radio. 
  • Bugs or glitches in the code can manifest as random radio shut-offs. 
  • For example, a memory leak bug could cause the radio’s software to crash and reboot. 

Loose antenna cable

  • The power antenna wire that runs up to the Rogue’s roof antenna can become loosen over time. 
  • This provides power to the radio receiver itself. If the antenna cable is loose, it cuts off power to shut down the radio.

Bad antenna amplifier

  • Related to the antenna cable issue, a deteriorating antenna amplifier can also interrupt the radio’s power supply. 
  • The amplifier’s antenna’s function is to strengthen the AM/FM signals from the antenna. 
  • When this small component starts failing, it can induce considerable radio blackouts.

Problems with CAN bus data network

  • The Nissan Rogue relies on a CAN bus network to communicate data between the vehicle’s ECUs. 
  • Suppose there are wiring faults or excessive interference on these CAN bus lines. In that case, it can lead to electrical gremlins like the radio quitting issues.

Nissan Audio System

Solutions For Fixing The Issues

  • Carefully inspect the wiring harness that is behind the radio unit. Look for any damaged, cut, or loose wires.
  • Nissan may have issued a radio software update that addresses any bugs that are causing shutdowns. If available, ask your dealership to connect the diagnostic computers and install the newest radio software for your model Rogue. 
  • Pop off the interior panels to access the power antenna cable. Disconnect and firmly re-seat the antenna lead to ensure a tight fit. 
  • Your Nissan tech can swap in a new antenna amplifier relatively easily in many cases. Disconnecting the old amplifier and installing an updated replacement unit often resolves radio shutdowns that mostly have a bad amp.

FAQs About Nissan Rogue Radio Keeps Turning Off

Q: What model years of the Nissan Rogue seem affected by this radio issue?

A: Owner reports indicates that most issues are with 2017-2022 model year Rogues. 

However, it’s possible for any modern Rogue to experience random radio shutdowns. With regular maintenance and day-to-day inspections can get you out of this trouble.

Q: Is this a warranty-covered issue if my car is still within the 3-year/36,000-mile window?

A: Yes, Nissan dealers should cover diagnosis and repair of radio issues under their new car warranty. Make sure to take it in before your mileage surpasses the limit. Although this can change according to their latest policy, but most of the time, you can be lucky enough to cover this up under your warranty period if you are under the right requirements.

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