Nissan Rogue Speakers Not Working: Troubleshooting Your Nissan Rogue’s Audio System

Nissan Rogue Speakers Not Working

Are you having issues with no sound coming from your Nissan Rogue’s speakers? 

You’re not alone. Many Rogue owners have experienced problems with getting audio output from the car’s speaker system at one point or another. A silent set of speakers can stem from a number of causes – from blown fuses to faulty head units.

Troubleshooting speaker problems in your Rogue may seem daunting, but following some systematic troubleshooting steps can help identify the root cause so you can get your music back to the hearing stage again. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the common causes behind non-functioning Rogue speakers and the best methods for testing your vehicle’s audio system components.

Potential Causes For Nissan Rogue Speakers That Are Not Working

Blown fuses

  • There are several fuses that protects various components of the Rogue sound system. 
  • Check the fuses in the central interior fuse box under the dash, the engine bay fuse box, and the rear fuse box in the cargo area. 
  • Look for cracked or damaged fuses that are related to the radio, amplifier, or specific speaker channels.

Faulty head unit or radio receiver

  • The head unit is essentially the brain of the audio system. If it fails, sound can cut out from all speakers. 

Short circuit in the wiring harnesses

  • Damaged or corroded wires between the head unit, amplifiers, and individual speakers can cause sound loss over time.

Issues with amplifier(s)

  • Each speaker or group of speakers has a dedicated amplifier. If an amp fails, the sound will cut out from its associated set. 

Software bugs or glitches

  • The Rogue audio system works with the infotainment software. 
  • Bugs in updates or corrupted files can disrupt the audio functions, including the volume options. 

Speaker damage

  • This is an apparent cause; individual burned-out speakers won’t emit sound if those speakers have gone through a damage loss. 

Steering wheel control problems

  • Volume and mute controls on the steering wheel module communicate with the audio system through a control area network interface. 
  • Faulty buttons or network communication issues can mimic some speaker problems.

Loose connections

  • Vibrations can cause wires, connectors, and terminals in the speaker circuit path to lose contact intermittently by resulting in spotty sound output.

Solutions For You To Use When The Nissan Rogue Speakers Are Not Working

  • Locate the fuse boxes by the driver’s side footwell, in the engine bay, and in the cargo area. Use a fuse tester to identify the blown audio system fuses, and replace those with fuses of the proper amperage. 
  • Visually inspect the wires and connectors that are leading to each of the speakers, amplifiers, and the head units. Check for damage, bent pins, corrosion, or loose connections. 
  • Check the amplifiers’ power connections, cooling fans, status indicators, and signal wires. Substitute known working amps one by one to test the output. 
  • Listen for scratching sounds that are indicating any voice coil damage. Test the speakers thoroughly through wires by using a multimeter.
  • If wheel buttons tends to exhibit any volume or mute issues, update the control module through the dealer software to sort it out. 
  • Use an electrical contact cleaner spray and wire brushes to clean any corrosion on battery terminals, ground points, wiring harnesses and amplifier connections.
  • If the factory speakers seems to fail prematurely, upgrade to higher-end speakers and amplifiers for improved performances and sound qualities.

Nissan Rogue Audio System Muted

FAQs About Nissan Rogue Speakers Not Working

Q: How can I reset my Nissan Rogue audio system?

A: You can reboot the head unit by going to Settings > System > Factory Reset. 

Q: The radio works, but Bluetooth/media playback doesn’t go to speakers. Why?

A: This indicates a software or signal routing error. To overcome this issue, check for the media player app updates and reset the infotainment settings to its defaults. 

Q: How much does the Rogue speaker repair or replacement may costs?

A: Repair costs vary based on speaker type and shop rates, but plan around $50-300 per speaker replacement. 

Q: Will aftermarket speakers improve my Rogue’s sound?

A: Quality aftermarket speakers can provide improved sound over factory speakers. Just ensure proper system integration and be prepared for some custom wiring needs.

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